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Under your feet? Not likley. Need more info about what you have...Year, Make model etc. You need to BClear. Depending on what you have, I would lean towards a body mount. But really need more info.

Answerworn upper strut mount Answerupper strut mounts aren't under your feet.

or worn old springs or on one side , mine drivers side do this , or l think its the spring , so it thumps down on some rubber, that may be worn to meltal. l read new springs make banging over bumps stop. also seen them heated till glowing and stretched , on YouTube. to make them long again.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-29 01:51:01
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Q: Would bad shocks make a big clunking noise under your feet when going over a bump that sounds as though you are being hit underneath by a big rock?
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