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Yes. In the United States there are many languages and cultures reflecting the ethnic and cultural heritages of the immigrant communities that have made their ways to the United States. If you can speak two languages and are comfortable with the societal norms of two cultures, you can reach out to both cultures and develop a strong client base in each. In addition, you can become a leader in these communities and help educate the community members about animal disease and health.

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What are the advantages of being bilingual or bi-cultural?

Being bilingual makes you two persons.

How does Being bilingual affect you at a job?

Being bilingual will make you a lot more effective and useful to employer.

What is biculturalism?

Biculturalism is the state or quality of being bicultural - of containing aspects from two cultures simultaneously.

Does being bilingual greatly increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League University?

Being bilingual does not greatly increase your chances of getting into an Ivy League University. Good grades, who you know, your SAT scores and community involvement will come first. Being bilingual shows that you are a well rounded person.

Would being able to speak a second language help being a veterinarian?

Yes. A second language would benefit almost any career.

What are the disadvantages of not being bilingual?

YOu dont get to speak 2 languages

How much is college for being a veterinarian?

how much is college to become a veterinarian IT is 900000000000000000000000000000000,000000000000000000000000000000000000000no seriously

What are the education requirements for a large animal veterinarian?

what are the benefits of being a large animal veterinarian

How is trigonometry used in being a veterinarian?

its not

Advantage of being bilingual?

you can communicate with people in two different ways and the bilingual brain is more densely giving it an advantage in various abilities and skills It improves, the way of behaving and thinking. Being bilingual, gives a better opportunity, of getting a job, that might cause a different language.

Does being bilingual have anything to do with multiculturalism?

Yes. Bilingualism has a lot to do with multiculturalism.

How do you use billingual in a sentence?

I'm working on being more bilingual.

How much time would you work if you were a veterinarian?

I am a veterinarian and I work 9-12 hours a day, five days a week. I'm planning on being in the profession for 30 years or more.

Are there unions for the profession of being a veterinarian?

the profession of being a veterinarian is that there is always good opportunities for them to be offered and to given to them as a promtion at work in the profession department.

What does being a Veterinarian have to do with Agriculture?

Being a veterinarian has everything to with Agriculture. (With the exception of small pets) They treat every animal in the field with medical attention.

How long is skill training to be a vet?

To be a volunteer veterinarian you don't necessarily need to high of skills, after all, you aren't being paid. If you would like to be a veterinarian as a job, it would take about 7 years of college, and a highschool diploma.

Communication in different languages?

Being able to communicate in different languages is often referred to as being "bilingual" or "multilingual."

What are the drawbacks of being a veterinarian?

As a veterinarian you have to accept to bring down people's best friends. It is hard, it is tedeous and painful.

Where do you start being a veterinarian?

You have to go to school to be one.

What are the advatages of being bilingual?

When bilingual, one can speak two different languages. If you were to travel to China from America, you couldn't possibly know what others were saying unless they could speak English or you had a translater. But when bilingual, you could communicate with them without need of your second language or a translater.

Is Mexico City Mexico the first truly bilingual city?

No. Many people speak English due to tourism and business-related activities, but it is nowhere near being a bilingual city.

Does Being A Veterinarian Involve Biology?

Yes, biology is the foundational knowledge that informs almost every task that a veterinarian performs.

What are the disadvantages of being bilingual?

There are no disadvantages to knowing more than one language.Being bilingual comes with many upsides, for example, you can work in different countries and may broaden your range of career paths, but there are few disadvantages, because knowledge is power.

What health and safety issues are involved in being a veterinarian?

health and saftey being a vet

What is fun about being a veterinarian?

I was actually a Veterinarian once and I heard that Veterinarians are actually Doing bad for are planet. Without eating any meat the animals will die of old age and other things. Being a Veterinarian is not fun at all and remember that it hurts are planet.

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