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That should be covered by comprehensive insurance and the insurance company will pay for damages minus any deductable.

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Q: Would collision or other than collision coverage apply if a liquid chlorine jug fell in your vehicle while driving and the chlorine damaged your carpet?
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If another person is driving your car with consent and swerves to miss a deer but lands in ditch and damages the car who is liable?

typcially the insurance stays with the car....if you have collision coverage (if no actual contact with the deer would be collision rather than comprehensive coverage), your insurance would most states if there is no collision coverage on the vehicle, but the driver has a vehicle that has the needed coverage it would then apply.........

If you hit your own car while driving another persons car is there coverage?

The Property Damage coverage on the car you were driving should cover the damage to your own car. In the event that the car you were driving didn't have insurance coverage then you may be able to make a claim under your own Collision coverage or Uninsured Motorist Property Damage coverage could apply.

What costs will collision insurance cover if I am in an accident?

It all depends on what insurance company you are with, what your driving record is, and how much or what coverage you have at that time. It can also depend on the age of the person in a collision and how long they have been driving. So the costs can defer in a few ways.

If I'm driving on the highway and suddenly the tire tread separates causing damages to the fenderbumpermolding etc. on my vehicle would this event be covered by comprehensive or collision coverage?

these are generally considered under the 'collision' portion of the policy.....

If you are driving your roommates car and damage it in your driveway whose insurance covers it?

Insurance follows the car. Your roommates insurance will cover the damage providing that he has "collision" coverage.

How a collision can be avoided?

Not driving.

How much are you financially reasonable if you are driving with a learners permit and you had an accident with no other car involved?

You are liable for the damages to the property that was struck which belongs to others. If you have coverage for the car you were driving, (Collision) the deductible would have to be paid. If there is no coverage on the vehicle, then it's up to the owner to repair and whatever arrangements were made prior to the accident.

Do I need to insure my car if I have drivers insurance?

It is uncertain what you mean by "driver's insurance". There is a kind of liability insurance called "non-owners coverage" that is often required under a state's Financial Responsibility Law when an individual has been in an at-fault collision, did not have the required liability coverage and when the other party's damages exceeded a stated amount, or when an injury occurs. It is also sometimes required when a judgment is entered against an individual for an auto collision and the judgment remains unsatisfied. Non-owners coverage generally will "follow the driver" irrespective of the vehicle that he or she is driving. Non-owners coverage provides no coverage for the vehicle itself such as for its repair or replacement in the event of a collision.

Recently your car taken by your close relative and in his hand car damaged for accident and you had no driving license can you get claim?

This would depend on your insurance coverage or weather you are willing to sue him.

If your car is parked in the carport and a child accidentally could not stop the four-wheeler they were driving and hit your car and damaged the fender will the car ins cover the damage?

Your insurance will cover this accident if you have the appropriate coverage. Depending on your insurer, this would fall under comprehensive or collision coverage. You will still be responsible for the deductible, and the claim may make your rates go up. Consider this before filing if the damage is minimal. It may not be worth it.

How often does a collision occur?

driving fast

What happens if you hit someone while driving an uninsured rental car?

If you have an auto insurance policy that covers non-owned vehicles - then your liability and collision coverage would likely extend to your rental car. If you don't have collision coverage - then you will be on the hook to repair the rental car. If you don't have any auto insurance - then you can be sued for a lot of money by both the rental car company and the person you hit.

How can use world collision in sentence?

She pulled out her phone to text while she was driving and before she knew it, she was in a collision.

Factors that effect car insurance rates?

County and city in which the car is garaged, age of primary driver and marriage status, driving history of drivers, replacement and repair cost of the make and model car involved, type of insurance coverage such as liability, comprehensive and collision and how much coverage.

Can you get collision insurance and not comprehensive?

Legally Yes, it is possible, however most insurers will decline to sell you one without the other due to the potential for a negligence claim if it turned out later that you were driving without the required Comprehensive coverage or financial responsibility.

Buying Collision Car Insurance In Georgia?

A car is a valuable investment. It may be worth many thousands of dollars yet can be severely damaged in a blink of an eye. If a vehicle owner in Georgia causes damage to his or her car, repairs can be quite costly. Collision insurance covers the cost of damage to a vehicle owned by the person carrying the policy. This is separate from liability insurance which covers damage to vehicles and property owned by someone else. The cost of collision insurance depends on the value of the car and the driving record of the customer.Buying The Proper Amount Of Collision CoverageIf a car is purchased brand new and is being financed, lenders will require the owner to carry a certain amount of collision insurance. The car's title is being held by the bank or financial institution and is in a sense the property of the lender until the loan is paid off. The car acts as security for the loan because of its value. If the vehicle should be severely damaged in an accident caused by the registered owner, car payments will likely cease because the owner needs to pay for a new car. The lender will lose on the investment because the damaged car is now virtually worthless.Collision insurance amounts are determined by the value of the car purchased. When asking for an insurance quote from an agent the car's make, model and VIN are needed. This will help determine the proper amount of collision insurance required to satisfy the lender.Combining Collision and Comprehensive InsuranceComprehensive insurance is nearly always included in a quote given to Georgia drivers. This coverage is very important because in many cases an at-fault individual cannot be identified. If a driver finds his or her car damaged in a supermarket parking lot and no note is attached to the windshield, damages cannot be claimed through the at-fault party's liability coverage. Most likely the culprit was not covered properly and decided to leave the area immediately. Or if an act of nature causes damage, such as a falling limb from a tree, collision insurance must be supplemented with comprehensive coverage to pay for the repairs.Insurance For Vehicles Owned OutrightEven if a car is fully paid for and the owner holds the title, careful consideration should be given to carrying collision insurance. The car may still be quite valuable and may cost much to repair if damaged in a traffic accident. Collision coverage includes payment for damages even if another vehicle is not involved. A driver can lose control of a car and slide off the road. Any damage will be covered under the collision insurance policy. Parents who have teen drivers may also want to keep their collision insurance in force and add the young driver to the policy. This is important if the teenager is driving a car owned by the policyholder regardless of the vehicle's value.

Would a suspended license driver be covered under full coverage car insurance?

Not in Canada. If your license is suspended, then any insurance claim that resulted from you driving while suspended would not be covered. If the car was damaged and it was parked and not being operated, then that is covered. But not if you are driving it.

When your car drops in value why don't the insurance rates drop also?

Because, by and large, the risk factors upon which the premium was based have not changed. For example, your driving history (a risk factor) is not affected by a change in value of the car, nor is the usage of the car (personal or commercial-another risk factor), nor your location (still another risk factor). However, were the value of the car to decline to the point that it might make sense to eliminate collision coverage (which pays for the repair of the car in the event of a collision), the premium will decline due to the elimination of that coverage. If you do that, you are essentially self-insuring for the cost of repair that collision coverage might otherwise pay.

Auto insurance driving with a cast?

If you are driving with a cast, particularly if temportary, your coverage or rates are not affected. While your insurance provider cannot exclude coverage if you are driving with a cast, state law require that you be able to drive safely and unimpeded. If the presence of a cast precludes this, you should not be driving. If you do, are involved in a collision, and it is found that you were careless, you may be found negligent in any civil claim that results. In turn, depending upon the payment that your insurer is required to make to the claimant, your rate (from which premium is derived) may increase.

Driving after drinking the risk of bodily harm in the result of a collision?


Is it beneficial to have RAC breakdown coverage?

It can sometimes be beneficial to have RAC breakdown coverage, but it really all depends on your driving history, the amount of coverage you get, and the type of car you have.

The single most common cause of motor vehicle collision is improper driving?

What is the single most common cause of motor vehicle collision

If you are drivng another persons car with permission and have no insurance but the car you are driving is insured will the car insurance pay to get the car fixed since you were at fault?

This is different from policy to policy. You need to check the owner's policy to see what is covered. If the owner didn't pay for such coverage, then the damage is not covered. Provided the owner is paying for comprehensive and collision coverage the damage will will be covered, subject to a deductible, as long as the driver is not excluded from coverage.

What if you don't have insurance and you hit a horse on the road who is liable?

Generally no one would be liable for an animal collision with a motor vehicle. If you have full coverage auto insurance with Comprehensive and Collision coverage then your damages will be covered under your own auto policy. Laws regarding Animals on public roads will vary state by state and region by region. If you were driving in a free ranging zone or an area with animal crossings then the diver may be liable to the horse owner for the injury or loss of his horse.

What is the best definition of proactive driving?

Driving in a manner that reduces your chances of a collision with other vehicles, pedestrians, animals, or objects