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no, just the car Ditto, the laptop computer and all other personal belongings would have to be claimed under a renter's or home-owner's insurance policy.

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Q: Would full cover insurance cover personal belongings in a car if it is stolen along with the car for example a laptop?
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Are there any add-ons that you can buy with your auto insurance that would cover personal belongings inside a vehicle like a laptop?

No. Personal belongings are covered by your renter's and homeowner's insurance.

What is computer personal?

Perhaps you mean "personal computer". That refers to a computer that is for personal use - basically for one person. For example, the desktop or laptop that you use.

Do you have to have a personal laptop if you have a company laptop?


What is the difference between a laptop and a Personal digital assistant?

The capacity is the difference between a laptop and a personal digital assistant. Personal digital assistance can't carry out all the functions that a laptop can do.

Where can one get laptop insurance for a purchase online?

One can get laptop insurance for a purchase online from travel insurance. It does depend on what one's plan on insurance is. But there are insurance that are for things brought online such as State Farm and Nation wide.

Is your laptop covered under homeowners insurance if stolen?

no, you have to get laptop cover

What is a PC to a laptop?

A laptop is just another type of PC-personal computer, assuming it's for personal use.

Can you sue library after your laptop stolen in library?

No unless it's a library with a laptop babysitting service. If your laptop means anything to you don't leave it unattended. You should be able to watch your own belongings

Do home insurance replacement policies cover software on stolen laptops?

If your Laptop was a scheduled item on your home insurance policy and premiums paid for it then it would be covered. If the laptop was not scheduled then it would not be covered. Software would not be covered. The unscheduled contents coverage portion of your home insurance policy covers furnishings and fixtures only. Belongings that do not fit into this category would have to be scheduled and assessed a premium before they would be considered covered.

What is laptop computer is it digital computer?

A Laptop is a small, portable version of the standard Personal Computer. A Personal Computer (PC) is digital, therefore making the laptop digital as well.

Will renters insurance cover a broken laptop?


What is the rarest laptop brand?

Panasonic Personal computer laptop model no CF-62.

What is meant by best laptop pcs?

This means the best laptop personal computer. PC is short for personal computer, that is what they are talking about when they speak in this kind of language.

Where would I find information about the Insurance coverage on new laptops; does one have to purchase additional laptop insurance to cover against accidents and theft?

The best place to look into laptop insurance is at the time of purchase. There you can probably learn about warranties and extended warranties that can help protect your laptop from theft and damage.

Does home insurance cover theft from a car in driveway?

Yes, if it is personal items not attached to the vehicle that is stolen (such as a laptop). If it attached to the vehicle (stereo, tires) it would go under the auto insurance policy. Also, the items must be owned by the policyholder.

What is a personal computer small enough to fit on your lap called?

A personal computer that is small enough to fit on your lap is called a laptop computer or simply a laptop.

When would laptop insurance be beneficial in the UK?

Laptop insurance is only beneficial when there is a high chance of having to use the insurance within a few years. The skill of laptops increase a lot every year, devaluating the older models. An insurance of 50 pounds a year for a laptop might be a good idea when it's new, but after 3 years most of the laptops are worth 50 pounds and it wouldn't be profitable to extent the laptop insurance after that. In other words, make sure that you only take an insurance for a year, and extend it after that year if you think that it's still necessary.

Protecting a Laptop?

A laptop computer is a serious investment and needs to be properly protected. Since these computers are designed to go anywhere, they are more susceptible to being dropped and damaged. While a protective carrying case can help, the purchase of laptop insurance will ensure that the device is covered whenever there is damage. Laptop insurance will vary greatly depending on the specific coverage and the parts that are included in this. Choosing the right insurance is based on the cost of the machine as well as the type of use it receives. The main thing any laptop insurance provides would be peace of mind.

Is Samsung laptop better than advent laptop?

it all has to do with your personal opinion, but each has different specialties.

What is a portable personal computer designed to fit on your lap?

notebook or laptop

How are personal computer different from a laptop?

Laptops are transportable(:

Can you sue a hospital for losing a laptop with your personal info on it?

You could potentially sue for the worth of the laptop. The fact that it had personal information on it won't make much of a difference in the amount of damages.

What is meant by laptop computer?

A laptop computer, also known as a notebook computer, is a mobile, personal computer. It has most of the same features of a desktop personal computer, but instead is portable.

If a unknown person play with your personal laptop then what you do?

If an unknown person plays with your personal laptop, you can install tracking programs to take photos of the person from the laptop camera or even track keystrokes. You can then call the police if this person is stealing your private information.

Laptop Reviews?

Laptop reviews are a good way to find best laptop for your personal and business requirements. The laptop is steadily replacing the desktop among many frequent computer users. The laptop is favored for its unique mobile ability and ease of performance when traveling or on the road. For example, it is easy to apply nimble fingers to the keyboard in an area where there is Wifi and surf the Internet, send email, or download important documents.