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== Answer== I don't think so, but get the air out of lines to make sure.

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How is taking a shower condensation?

Hot water is spraying out into the atmosphere at high pressure. This causes condensation.

What does it mean in English the next Portuguese phrase tomando banho?

Taking a bath/ having a shower.

What is the cause of dandruff and dry scalp?

either taking to long in the shower or not having enough vitamins

How do you say taking a shower in Spanish?

Duchándose. I am taking a shower: Estoy duchándome.

Dreaming about having a baby boy and taking him a shower and being so happy?

it means the world will end

Why is it He is taking a shower and not He is doing or making a shower Is there an easy explanation?

One definition of take is "To participate in, undergo, or experience." 'Doing a shower' is an awkward phrase and better replaced by simply 'showering.' 'Making a shower' is actually the act of building the device we use to clean ourselves. 'Having a shower' is acceptable and means the same thing as 'taking a shower.' I think in this case, the difference is geographical. I believe it is more common to 'have a shower' in Britain and 'take a shower' in the US.

How do small water droplets form after taking a shower?

Small droplets form after taking a shower because of all the steam from the water of your shower.

What is a shower dance?

Simply dancing while taking a shower is called shower dance :)

Will taking a shower at midnight affects health?

There really are no health effects of taking a shower at midnight. If you cannot sleep a shower may relax you enough to help you sleep.

Is it Safe to Shower after workout?

I guess it would depend on where you are taking your shower, but sure.

Can you get hpv by taking a shower together?


Is taking a shower essential?


Can you get pneumonia from taking a cold shower?


Is taking a shower after a workout bad?


What is the antonyms of shower?

not taking a bath

Is taking a shower twice a day bad for you?

Taking a shower 2 times a day is not bad for you. Yet, the chemicals in the shampoo/body wash may mildly dry out your skin and hair. Taking a shower a day is a good number.

Taking oxygen from a substance is called what?


While taking shower you start with strong pressure then loose pressure during shower?

1st are you on a city system or well system? City system is due to usage by others at the same time. Try changing time you shower to see if that makes a difference. (Peak Time) usage lowers pressure on the grid Well system is due to capacity of your pressure tank. Once pump starts to refill the tank, most pumps drop about 20-30 pounds of pressure. Hope this helps

How to find the Oxidation and reduction?

oxidation is the taking away of an electron, while reduction is gaining and electron

How do you fix the clicking noise coming from the valve behind your shower wall after taking a shower if you were told it might be a valve adjusting for pressure?

If the noise is only for a few moments after taking a shower, its the expansion on the hot water side. Water lines going through studs will expand and make noise. the only way to fix this is to get in the wall and either loosen the pipe or tighten it with a shim.

Does the shower curtain go inside or outside of the bathtub?

When you are taking a shower it goes inside. And when you are not taking a shower, if the bottom of it is not wet it can go outside of the bathtub. But if it is wet on the bottom, then leave it inside the bathtub.

What are shower caps for?

To put on your head and keep your hair dry while taking a shower.

Why is so much water used when taking a shower?

The shower never stops running

What part of speech is shower?

It depends. If you're taking a shower, it is a noun. If you're going to shower someone with gifts, its a verb.

If you are diagonised as having high blood pressure and now taking moduretic which food are you not suppose to use?