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Q: Would horses temper change from being tied to a tree all day with no food or water?
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Did horses change the course of mankind?

Yes, horses have had a major impact on human history. In particular, the Mongolian Empire would have been impossible without horses. It was only after the end of WW II in 1945 that horses ceased to be the main source of individual transportation for the human race, being largely replaced by cars and other motor vehicles.

What temper is a smouldering temper?

'Smouldering temper' means being very angry but not showing it and mentally steaming a bit like a fire that has gone out. You will have a smouldering temper when someone says something that is embarrassingly wrong and knowing that you cannot retaliate.

Can protein change a horses color?

No. Protein cannot change a horses' color. Horses often change color but age is the main factor. Most young horses change color as they mature. Sometimes the change is minor. For example, a colt or filly being born a plain brown but maturing into a bay with the black stockings becoming more apparent with age. Sometimes the change can be drastic. For instance, a horse born jet black may mature into a grey, a dappled grey, or "flea-bitten grey", which can be almost totally white :-)

Why does Marcellinus mean when he describes the Huns as being glued to their horses?

Marcellinus means that the Huns would never battle on foot because they are so attached to their horses they would never be able to do that.

What country are the horses in danger?

I would say a good guess would be Canada. A year ago or so, there was an arrticle about how wild horses were being shot, and as any hunter should know, shooting horses in specific provinces is illegal! Then again, there sno knowing what goes on in other countries with horses, who know? perhaps there they are being shot too! In summary, the horses are almost always in danger. There's coyotes and wild mountain cats, that will easily attack baby foals or even grown horses oout in the wilderness.

What does to temper mean?

a persons state of mind in terms of being angry

What is a smouldering temper?

'Smouldering temper' means being very angry but not showing it and mentally steaming a bit like a fire that has gone out. You will have a smouldering temper when someone says something that is embarrassingly wrong and knowing that you cannot retaliate.

How many horses are in the would?

yu cant count because more are being produced daily.

What can you do for a short temper?

My mother always used the analogy of fizzy and water. If someone shakes a can of coke, when you open it it will overflow, if it is water it will be not be effected but will go back to being calm. the same is with your temper. you have to work on not being affected by other peoples problems.

Why did Helen Keller have temper tantrums?

because she couldn't stand not being able to not see or hear!

True or false horses typically have poor muscle tone in their tongues?

that would be false, because if they did horses who have a hard time eating for the amount of time that they do, being ridden, etc.

Can horses eat celeriac?

Celery stalks should not be fed to horses. The strings get it stuck between their teeth and it can cause gum disease! Celeriac, being a root vegetable, would be outside a horses normal forage. If you a serious about trying it consult with you vet.

What would happen to the US if there were no horses?

If there were no horses in the US, there would be alot of upset people, including me. If there were still horses in other counties, people would get them from there. Also, alot of buisnesses would crumble, such as, riding stables, racing industries, carriage industries, and many others. Also, because horses are being sent to forgiegn countries for slaughter, if the US no longer had horses to provide these foreign countries, that industry would also crumble, although I don't stand for horse slaughter. Basiclly, it'd be a diaster, a horse-lover's Great Depression.

How many horses will fit in the average livestock trailer?

The average livestock trailer will fit about 2 horses. Any more horses would require atleast a 16 ft trailer. However, this would also depend on preference. If this trailer is being used for a long haul as living quarters, you may not want your horses too cooped up. However, if it were a simple trip to the vet, 2 horses per average trailer would be fine.

What is being drawn and quartered?

The sentence of drawn and quartering was a medieval form of capital punishment through dismemberment. It involved victims and the accused being having each of their arms and legs being tied to four different horses. The horses would then pull on each ripping the victims apart.

Why do horses have feet?

Horses have feet to move around, obviously, but they also need them for many different things. When a horse is being chased by a predator, their only defense is to run. So, if horses didn't have feet, they would not be able to defend themselves.

How many quarter horses in US?

Well there are over 5,000,000 Quarter horses worldwide with about 70 % of them being in the USA. So that would mean a little over 2,500,000 QH's in the US.

Is nitrogen a physical change or a chemical change?

Nitrogen being heated and turned into nitrogen gas or being mixed with another chemical would be a chemical change

Why are horses raised?

Horses are being raised before primarily for transportation.

Would the mass of a metal change after being melted?

No it would not change because it will always have the same amount of it with the weight and everything

How is a horse sweet?

Horses are known to be very sweet animals. They are usually sweet when they respect you and look at you as a leader. some horses are naturally sweet and some are VERY nasty. People say that horses with big eyes are usually a lot sweeter than horses with small eyes. You cant change a horse from being nasty to sweet so good luck

Do horses have jobs?

Yes, horses have jobs, it can be anything from being a sport horse and competing to being a farm horse and pulling a plow.

Is flammibilty a physical change?

When something is being burned and turned into ashes, it would be a chemical change.

Are horses extinct?

Horses are awesome and are still being ridden and loved through the world!

Are horses fat?

It depends. Some horses are pretty muscular. A lot of horses are overweight though from being overfed and not ridden at the same time especially. (I ride horses)