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No, They would become more intelligent then us and take over the world...PLANET OF THE TURKEYS...


What would happen to Thanksgiving?!

Besides, we already have genetically engineered giant turkeys. They're called ostriches. And just for the record, why would you WANT to genetically engineer turkeys?

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โˆ™ 2010-04-06 23:18:17
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Q: Would it be a good idea to genetically engineer giant turkeys and ride around on them?
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To genetically engineer your baby, a person would have to pay upwards of $3 million dollars. This is not something that a lot of people are able to afford.

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Considering a Chimp's DNA is 99% identical to a humans I would think that people around the world are 99.99999% genetically identical

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I fyou Genetically engineer your child it would take every single special wonderful thing they could have done away. You are taking away their future and making it the way you want it which I think is very selfish. In my opinion, just leave them the way they are don't try to do Gods job. Just do your part in it.

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around 10,000

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Alaska is the only state without wild turkeys. Many people think Hawaii would not have them but Hawaii does have wild turkeys.

Your reactions on genetically modified organism?

I would say that GM Orgasm's have been around as long as recreational drugs have.

In birds such as turkeys what is a merry thought?

A merry thought would be the turkeys that are pardoned by the American president at Thanksgiving.

Is it possible to genetically engineer sky bison from avatar?

No. Our genetic engineering is nowhere near advanced enough to build custom creatures. Even if it were that advanced, it would still be physically impossible for a such a creature to fly.

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No. Three turkeys would be three sets of strikes, and that would equal 9. There are only 10 frames in a game.

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How would you describe turkeys?

The world's dumbest bird.

Would you genetically engineer your child?

I would most definitely genetically engineer my child. The average human craves a child that won't get bullied or pushed around, but does not possess the mental strength of creating one that doesn't contain their flesh and blood. I want a badass child, so nothing would get in my way. Given the high (i.e. nonzero) probability that any child of mine would end up with a genetic disorder or propensity to an illness, removing the alleles responsible for those problems would much increase the quality of life for that child. On the other side of that, many problems caused by a lack of certain alleles or combinations of alleles can be repaired by simply ensuring the required allele combinations exist. On the whole, a GE child would have a better life.

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Chickens, cattle, and turkeys. If you want to group chickens and turkeys together, then hogs would be third.

What is the advantage of using mice in experiments that are not genetically similar to mice that are?

Using genetically similar mice will help have a constant result in the experiment. Using non-genetically similar mice will give you different results leading to a false answer. And if you looked up the same question as I then there is a part about cloning mice and why that would be better. It would be better because then you KNOW that you will get the same answer all around.

Can we plant a DNA to a plant or animal so that it would produce diamonds?

Diamonds are not organic and production of manufactured diamonds can already be accomplished through inorganic methods. As complex as it would be to genetically engineer an organic system that could produce diamonds...the cost, even if it was successful, would not be worth the effort.

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