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By going that long without dairy you are probaly lactose intolerant now. It doesn't matter if you cut out dairy, milk is baby cow food and you are neither a baby nor a cow, so don't worry about the dairy. The only reason the meat might be a problem is that you might not get enough protein. If you still eat fish or fowl, you're ok, if not, you'll need to find some good alternate sources for protein. Passing on the meat is actually quite healthy, if you can get enough protein. * I totally agree with the previous answer, as I have been a vegan for over thirty years and am very good health. I actually cannot recall the last time I was ill or even had a bad cold. There are ways of keeping the body's protein and minerals at the necessary levels, by consuming larger quanitites of certain vegetables or by supplements that can be purchased at health food stores.

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Q: Would it be healthy if you have completely given up meat and dairy?
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