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Yes. The car dealer is responsible for insurance when cars are test driven. They only need to make certain the potential driver has a valid license.

2004-12-02 21:39:50
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If you have a drivers permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else's car in Missouri?

No, if it's on a temporary basis, you have the permission of the owner, and the owner has liability insurance on the vehicle.

What is a 220 florida insurance license?

A 220 Florida insurance license is a general lines agent license. It gives the license holder the legal right to sell property and liability insurance.

Can you buy liability insurance without a drivers license in Texas?

It depends on what type of liability insurance you need. Contact an agent in your area.

What do I need to study for business liability insurance license?


Do you need a license to have a petting zoo?

You do need to have a USDA license. And also you need to have liability insurance.

Do you have to have insurance to have a drivers license?

To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance. To be a licenced driver in the United States, you must have Liability insurance.

Is it mandatory to have boat insurance in Missouri?

Yes its mandatory to have boat insurance and have a boating license.

Do you need a food license for snow cones?

You most definitely will have to carry a license to sell any product, especially food, and I have never see a license requirement that did not liability insurance also require liability insurance. Hope that helps! (I found the anser on google)

Where can you purchase insurance without a drivers license?

If you have no drivers license then you have no business driving a vehicle, therfore you do not need insurance.

Where can you get car insurance with a permit?

I doubt there is insurance available to you. With a permit, you are actually driving under the authority and liability of the licensed driver in the car. It is their insurance that protects you and other drivers in the event of an accident. Once you have a driver's license and own your own car, you can purchase insurance from almost any insurance company.

Can you get insurance on your license even if you do not own a car?

I believe you can get liability and perhaps uninsured motorist insurance without owning a car.

How do you get a license to sell life insurance in Missouri?

Contact your state department of insurance licensing department and ask them what the requirements are.

Is a quality auditor required to have general liability insurance in Texas?

No, there is no legal requirement that you have liability insurance. However, Your clients may require it before they are willing to hire you. Carrying the appropriate license a nd adequate liability insurance for your industry is the first hallmarks of a qualified reputable business.

Can you purchase car insurance without a drivers license?

no it is illegal

What are insurance agents?

They hold a license to sell insurance. Could be anything from health to life to disability to liability to errors and omissions, and more.

How much is liability insurance?

The cost of liability insurance can differ, and depend upon a number of factors. It is more expensive for people who are younger and have not had their license a long time, and could also depend on which company you have.

Can you register your 110cc super pocket bike in CT?

Yes, if you have a MV Operators License, a motorcycle drivers license and liability insurance on the bike.

Can you get auto insurance in IL if your drivers license is suspended?

Ordinarily an auto insurer will require a valid license as a condition of issuing a liability policy.

Where can I purchase aviation insurance?

If you already have your license and have purchase a plane, then aviation insurance is the simple part. Start by contacting your auto insurance agent and proceed to get a quote if they do offer the aviation insurance.

How do you find out if a contractor has liability insurance?

It depends on the state most of them will have a website that you can check with the contractors state license board. Ask for a certificate of insurance.

What is a 220 license?

In Florida, a 220 license is for insurance agents ie, a licensed property and casualty agent. It is also called a General Lines License. It covers automobile, aviation, maritime, property liability, and General Liability. To get a license you must take a 200 Hour course.

Does a permitted license holder need insurance?

A permitted license holder still needs a car insurance. The license is just to prove that someone has taken the driving lessons and understands the road rules. Insurance helps to provide some backup when liability comes due to an accident.

Do you need a license to get insurance on a vehicle in California?

Most, but not all insurance companies will require you have a drivers license to buy liability insurance for your vehicle. All of the 50 United States however require you have a license or permit of some type before you can drive your vehicle on public roads.

How does the insurance company of a licensed driver look at an accident where the driver they covered is at fault in an accident where the driver not at fault has a suspended license will the insuranc?

It does not matter to an insurance company that the other driver had a suspended license. Liability is determined by the factors of the accident and the evidence put forth. The fact that the other driver had no license does not affect liability or the handling of the claim.

What is the name of the insurance when you don't own a vehicle but have a valid drivers license and drive other people's cars?

liability insurance, see North Carolina