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No it would not be safe to drink.

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Q: Would it be safe to drink a mixture of pear and apple juice with apple cider vinegar for my cholesterol if the apple juice had mold in it from not being refrigerated?
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Does drinking vinegar help lower cholesterol?

I am not sure if drinking vinegar helps to lower cholesterol. But, I do know that you can do a search on the computer to find out. It would taste nasty!

A bottle of table vinegar is an example of a homogeneous mixture?

Yes a bottle of table vinegar would be classed as homogeneous.

Which method would be best to separate a mixture of oil and vinegar?

separation by density

Why is vinegar a mixture?

Vinegar is made from alcohols into acetic acid by acetobacteria, but the origin of alcohol is a mixture of sugars and acids and water and so on. Even when vinegar is distilled it is then mixed back with water to 5% acetic acid or acidity so it is always a mixture unless anyhydrous which mean without water. It would be cystaline.

Is vinegar and oil a mixture or compound?

A COMPOUND is 1 thing. If you were asking is a bottle of oil a compound then yes it is. Since all the oil molecules are the same in that bottle, it would be a compound. Since vinegar and oil are obviously not the same thing due to the fact that they have different names as well as different compositions. Vinegar and oil is obviously a mixture of two different things. Technically, i am not 100% positive, vinegar i believe is generally a mix of water and some sort of acid. This would mean vinegar itself is a mixture as well.

What is the appearance of the soy sauce mixed on vinegar?

The answer depends on what sort of vinegar it is. Malt vinegar and soy sauce are quite similar in appearance so the mixture would not look particularly different.

Will cider vinegar help lower cholesterol?

A Japanese study has shown that acetic acid (vinegar) added to the diet can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in rats (British Journal of Nutrition, May 2006). This is rats, not humans, but the theory would be the same. I believe the amount would not be very much, a few teaspoons daily.

Is vinegar a heterogenous mixture?

no. because you would only be able to seperate the things that make it up on a molecular level

Can you clean using baking soda and vinegar?

Some things can be cleaned with vinegar and some other things can be cleaned with baking soda, but the combination of the two would probably not be very effective in cleaning anything. You can clean surfaces by mixing baking soda and water, forming a paste. You can clean windows with straight vinegar or a mixture of vinegar and water. You can clean pet stains (such as on the carpet) with a mixture of half vinegar and half water.

What would happen if a bottle filled with vinegar and lemon juice?

You would have a very acidic mixture that smelled like cole slaw and lemony freshness.

What household items have mixtures?

A good example would be ketchup. It is a mixture of tomato paste, vinegar, water, suagr and spices.

What would Queen Elizabeth I cover her face with?

a (poisonous, but at the time unknown) mixture of white lead, lemon juice, and vinegar.

if you have olive oil vinegar and sugar water and herbs how would you separate them?

1. Vinegar, the sugar dissolved in vinegar, herbs are separated by decantation from oil. 2. Herbs are separated from the mixture by filtering. 3. After the evaporation of the vinegar solution sugar remain as a solid residue.

What is the solute in the water vinegar mixture?

When you put water and vinegar together, you get a solution rather than a mixture. If you could separate the two without complicated techniques like distillation, you would have a mixture. Separating water and vinegar is going to require some work. When both components of a two-part solution started out as liquids and they're ones that'll mix together easily, whichever one you used the smallest amount of is the solute. If you're scrubbing the floor and you put a cup of vinegar in a gallon of water, the vinegar is the solute; if you're making salad dressing and you put a tablespoon of water in a quarter-cup of vinegar, the water's the solute.

What is temporary emulsion?

in culinary emulsion arts an emulsion is a mixture of liquids that would ordinarily not mix together like oil and vinegar

What will happen if you add baking soda in warm water and then add vinegar in it?

the mixture would fizz as u are doing a neutralization reaction

Do free range unrefrigerated eggs have cholesterol?

Yes. All egg yolks contain cholesterol, because it is an important nutrient for a baby chick, to help build study cells. Unrefrigerated eggs are a health risk, because they will spoil much more quickly than refrigerated eggs. An egg loses as much freshness in one day unrefrigerated as it would in one week, refrigerated. Also, room temperatures promote the growth of harmful bacteria such as salmonella. So eggs should always be refrigerated as soon as possible.

Is Italian salad dressing heterogeneous or homogeneous?

It depends on the components. If it's a mixture of oil and vinegar then it would be considered a heterogeneous, because the components aren't proportioned. Vinegar is more dense than oil so it will stay at the bottom. But, if it's a mixture like salt and water, then it would be considered a homogeneous because the mixture is a solution.

Can a mans cholesterol level be 120?

Yes, and that would be a very good number for his cholesterol.

Where can I find out more about cholesterol level?

You can learn more about cholesterol level at It has everything you would need to know about cholesterol including the normal and healthy level of cholesterol.

Vinegar and baking soda?

Vinegar is a diluted form of acetic acid, and baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. When vinegar, which is an acid, and baking soda, which is a base, combine, a neutralization reaction occurs. This reaction would produce the unstable carbonic acid, which would decompose into carbon dioxide and a mixture of water and sodium acetate, which is the salt formed, remain.

Can you mix vinegar with methyl alcohol?

Yes, there will not be any reaction without other things in it though. (Note: Even so methanol is not safe to drink! So if you do mix them don't use the mixture for anything you would use vinegar on and then consume!)

What would happen if you mix soap with vinegar?

The Soap would mix with the vinegar and there would bubbles on top!

Does chess pie have to be refrigerated?

Since chess pies contain eggs, I would have to say that they should be refrigerated.

Do cookies made with butter need to be refrigerated?

Cookies that have butter in them do not need to be refrigerated, because the butter is already mixed in the cookie, so it would not make a difference if you refrigerated it or not.