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Roth and 401k plans are separate investment vehicles. Roth IRA is offered to individuals who qualify. The Roth IRA has yearly contribution limits, and offers no present tax treatment. The benefit is in the end where the withdrawals are all tax-free (see age requirements for withdrawals without penalty). If a company offers a 401k as a benefit to it's employees, the contributions are usually "pre-tax." Therefore saving the employee immediate tax savings. Also inquire whether the company matches the employee's contributions, which is a great benefit.

Both plans are ideal for a twenty year old to start saving for future retirement needs. You have to compare the tax differences and whether a matching contibution is offered. It is possible to contibute to both. Once again the IRS has income limits to qualify. Create another investment strategy to start saving for your first home.

2011-09-13 18:45:29
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