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In a bankruptcy case the filer must be extremely cautious in closing or transferring bank accounts or other property. If the court believes the debtor is attempting to hide assets from creditors the BK will be dismissed with prejudice. Any action on the part of the debtor that constitutes a fraudulent conveyance under BK laws is a federal felony and carries a mandatory sentence of five years for each guilty conviction.

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Q: Would it be wise to have a bank account in someone else's name when planning to file bankruptcy?
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Should an account discharged in bankruptcy have a status of closed and if it still says open is this hurting you?

In this instance the account would generally be noted as "included in bankruptcy. The impact the open account would have is insignificant, compared to the bankruptcy.

If you have an account that is showing negative and it was included in a bankruptcy can you have the negative account removed or does it stay there and count as two negatives?

The term negative is rather confusing. If the account did not have a balance it would not have been included in the bankruptcy. Any account included in a bankruptcy will remain on the report for the requred length of time, open accounts would be seven years, they will be marked included in bankruptcy. The BK accounts listing will remain for 10.

where do i find someone in bankruptcy law?

Too find someone in bankruptcy law I would look threw the yellow or white pages as there is always a ton of them there .

What happens when someone you cosigned a mortgage for has filed for bankruptcy?

When you co-sign on a loan or mortgage for someone, you are promising to make the loan payments if they can't. When someone files for bankruptcy, they are claiming that they cannot make their payments. It would stand to reason that if someone you co-signed on a mortgage for files for bankruptcy that you would then be liable for making the payments.

When you marry someone who has filed bankruptcy do you also take on the bankruptcy?

No, however the person's bankruptcy would be a contributing factor if the couple applied for joint credit such as a morgage.

Does filing bankruptcy have an effect on your credit union checking account?

The effect it would have depends on the amount in the account and the exemption status. Regardless it would be considered an asset and would be included in the BK.

What would happen if you have an eBay account and you are not 18?

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What happens to a joint credit card bill with a zero balance at the time of a divorce that one party continues to use and then files for bankruptcy?

A joint account remains the liability of both persons regardless of their marital status. If someone has their liability discharged through bankruptcy, the other account holder would be 100% liable for the balance on the account. If this account was addressed in the divorce decree, the spouse MAY be able to seek relief through the divorce court. But that jurisdiction and any ruling there would have no impact of their credit report.

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Can a debt collector still collect your debt if you file chapter 13?

No they cannot, as long as you included them in your bankruptcy. They would be in violation of Federal Law, and liable to suit and possible penalty from the bankruptcy court. The bankruptcy attorney, or the trustee should be notified about any collections on a bankruptcy account.

Will lenders work with you if you have an open bankruptcy but have obtained a Letter to Incur Debt from the judge?

Highly unlikely that someone would lend you money having an open bankruptcy.

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If you declared bankruptcy can a creditor continue to mark your report as a charge off even after the date of your bankruptcy?

The account will or should be changed to read "included in bankruptcy". It will still however remain on the report until the seven year time limit expires. However, the account is charged off for the amount that wasn't collected and reporting that would be proper too. (Charge off is how the creditor reflects that you didn't pay and he had a loss on the account...that it was by bankruptcy makes no difference...actually worse).

Are you safe from creditors if you buy the assets of someone in bankruptcy without knowing they are bankrupt?

No, you are not. When someone files bankruptcy the title to their property is held by the trustee in bankruptcy. The bankrupt cannot sell any property therefore, if they do, the title is not clear. You may lose the property to the creditors if someone tracks it down. You would then be out of the property and any money you paid for it.

Where can one find information on bankruptcy alternatives?

You can talk to a bank chain manager who would provide you with information or potentially someone to contact who specializes in bankruptcy cases and information.

How long can someone be blacklisted from opening an account?

This depends on what black list. If a Particular bank puts you on their "Blacklist" you can and should assume you will be there for ever. As to multi bank black lists, these are illeagle. But the credit rating bureaus may have an incedent or bankruptcy listed for 7 years that would prevent opening an account.

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How do you open a closed bank account?

You would need to go in and talk to someone at the bank. The account generally can not be re-opened and a new account would have to be established

How long after being bankrupt can you get a bank account?

I filed a bankruptcy because I was injured and could not work. When I had nearly depleted my savings I paid my utility bills for the next year, leaving enough for food and gasoline up to when I thought I would be well enough to work (I was guessing a year). Then I closed my bank account and used only cash. I landed a job the day after the bankruptcy was awarded so I needed to open a bank account immediately (cashing checks without your own account is very expensive). I had no trouble getting an account at a local credit union. I am hard-pressed to understand why acquiring a bank account would be associated with a bankruptcy, money is money.

Why would someone need a 529 account?

A 529 account is a good idea for someone who is saving for college for their child. This option is a good choice because there are tax benefits to this type of account.

When filing bankruptcy in Calif is it possible to keep a small savings account for emergencies?

ALL money, including CASH HAS to be reported to the bankruptcy court. If you are dishonest in anyway, it can compromise your ability to receive a discharge. It's fraud. AFTER you file bankruptcy, you certainly can start a small savings account; but, not prior. Any money prior would probably be taken to pay creditors by the trustee.

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Where can someone erase credit card debt without going into bankruptcy?

There is no legal way to erase credit card debt without filing for bankruptcy. If this was possible, then the inventor would be extremely rich, and no-one would have any debts.

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