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You may be able to reuse them with not adverse effects if you make sure the threads are clean and not deformed. However many engines today use "torque-to-yield" (TTY) head bolts that stretch slightly when installed. This provides more even head loading and allows the bolts to hold torque better for improved head gasket sealing. When the bolts are installed, they're first tightened to a specific torque - then tightened an additional amount that's measured in degrees of rotation. This final twist stretches the bolts to their yield point and creates the elastic clamping force that provides more even loading across the head and gasket. Because TTY head bolts stretch slightly (only a few thousandths of an inch), some auto makers say they should not be reused when the cylinder head is removed. Reusing TTY bolts will cause them to stretch further, which increases the risk of breakage. A stretched bolt also will not hold the same torque load as before, which may cause a loss of clamping force resulting in head gasket leakage. The best insurance may be to replace all TTY bolts when rebuilding and reinstalling a cylinder head with new head bolts. So if your engine uses TTY bolts, replace them. Be sure and torque to the correct setting and in the proper sequence.

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Q: Would it hurt to reuse the headbolts on a 95 2.0 Ford Contour?
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