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Would like to know approx value of Marlin gun having the following patented dates on it: Oct11 1887 April 12 1889 and Aug1 1893 317627 is on the underneath of the octagan barrelBore size 716?


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December 03, 2005 9:20PM

Your gun should have a model marked on the upper tang, behind the hammer. There may be a flip up tang sight mounted there with two screws which will have to be removed to find the model. The model 1893, and 1894 both had the barrel markings you described, so it's hard to say what your gun is, let alone what it's worth, until we know for sure. A bore of about 7/16" could be a .38-55, or a .38-40. The caliber should also be marked on the barrel top, just in front of the receiver.