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change most of the rubber engine parts, vacuum lines, belts, hoses, fuel pump, carb kit, the rubber gas line on top of the rear tank and the rubber line going to the generator. At the steps on the passenger side middle there is a rubber line connection the fuel filter from the electric rear pump, be sure and change the filter and the hoses connecting it. Check the alternator bearings, water pump bearings and seal, battery connections as well as the fuse holder connections on the firewall under the front hood. the clips holding the fuses can lose connection with the fuses from corrosion. Watch for the rearend seal at the pinion leaking. All these 454's on RV's have a hot of header heat and burn up the exhaust manifold gaskets, there was a ducting mod you could make to direct air to the engine sides that helps to keep the manifold gaskets from burning out. The best gaskets to use are the Victor blue ones that cost about 25 bucks but they last many years. cheap ones won't last. on the spark plug wires, use a quality set and reuse the metal shields over the spark plug ends, cheaper wires will melt or turn to puddy. Carry a spare rotory and ignition module with the heat paste for the Chevy dist.

always check the tire pressure and watch for tire cracks on older motorhomes. always inflate the front air bags, you will puncture them if you run them without air. all these P-90 chassis are overloaded when all the water and fuel as well as food and gear is loaded. You have to have the airbags working for the load you carry when loaded.

If you pulll a trailer, check the bolts attaching the hitch to the frame.

Find all the grease points in the front end and driveshaft, listen for viberations in the drive line, that's usually a u-joint going bad.

check the fan clutch, they go bad over the years and changing the water pump at the same time as the belts is a good idea. Use the heavest duty thermostatic cycling clutch you can buy, anything else will cost you mileage or over heat the engine. The fan clutch is critical to the dash ac working correctly.

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Q: Would like to know what preventive care you can take on a 1983 Chevy Winnebago with a 454 to keep it running smoothly with no breakdowns?
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