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Yes, with prior authorization and a determination of medically necessary (ie. not purely cosmetic). A MassHealth dentist/orthodontist can help with the process. Good luck. It's not a quick and easy process, but it is definitely worth it!

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Q: Would masshealth insurance cover the braces?
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How much does Masshealth cover for braces?

Masshealth dental insurance will cover braces with prior authorization. Depending on the dental plan and type of braces, up to 50% of coverage is available for braces. This determination is available once the orthodontist office submits your claim to Masshealth.

Does masshealth cover braces for adults?

no, im sorry they dont, they only cover for children 1-21 years old ;( sorryyy

Does 1199 insurance cover braces?

Yes, they do cover braces. However, not all types of braces.

What kind of insurance covers braces?

Dental insurance and Medicade will cover braces.

Does insurance cover braces?


Does medical insurance in California cover invisalign braces?

Medical insurance does not cover invisalign braces. These aren't considered necessary and regular braces are a lot cheaper if they were covered.

Will Buckeye insurance cover braces?


Does masshealth cover dental implants?


Is testosterone replacement therapy usually covered by insurance?

Not in Massachusetts,Masshealth and medicare do not cover any testosterone replacement meds, period

Does staywell cover braces in Florida?

ask at the insurance place

Does the dental insurance cover invisalign braces?

That would depend upon the terms of the policy, but probably not. Most dental insurance does not cover orthodontics, and if it does, it probably wouldn't include Invisalign. That's mostly considered to be a cosmetic choice in appliances. Your policy may cover a portion of what regular braces would cost, and you would pay the difference out of pocket.

Do braces cost a lot?

$5,000 but insurance should cover most of it

Which insurance company's cover braces?

There are very few insurance companies that cover braces in the usa. you can find a few of them here. Beware of 1-2 year waiting periods. Read everything carefully.

Does All Kids Insurance cover braces?

Depending on your insurance options, it may. However, braces may only be covered by dental insurance. some don't but others do some don't but others do

What percentage of my son's bill for braces can I expect dental insurance to cover?

It depends on how high the insurance covers. Because each insurance plans vary in detail, it can cover from 10 to 100 percent.

What do you do if you want braces but dont have the money for them?

Insurance should cover most of it, it's health related. If that's not possible, there are places that offers cheap braces placement.

If you have a little overbite and some crooked teeth on bottom how long would you have to wear braces and how much would they cost?

It really depends on the orthodontist and the type of braces they use. You can get free consultations from pretty much any orthodontist. They will tell you about how long you will need to wear them, you can decide together what type you want and they will let you know how much it will cost. And how much your insurance will cover, if they cover any and if you have insurance.

How much does a dentist charge for invisible braces treatment?

the cost varies but some insurance companies cover this

Does homeowners insurance cover garage doors?

It would cover you under your Buildings insurance

If you fall in your house does your insurance cover you?

It would depend on the reason for your fall, but most likely your insurance would not cover you for that.

How much do braces for teeth cost and does insurance cover it?

only if you have dental insuranceANSWER:my insurance paid $5,000 and i payed about $3,000 myself through monthly payments.AnswerAs an adult patient, I paid $4,000. (in 2000) for a full set of braces that had a 3 year treatment life. This was through a payment plan, NOT any insurance.

Beware Lags in Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance does not always cover major procedures, such as braces or other orthodontic care. Sometimes, plans will cover these expensive procedures, but only after a policyholder has been paying premiums for a certain amount of time. Pay attention to any potential lags in coverage to avoid surprises. Few things would be worse than getting a child fit for braces only to find out that the parent has to cover the entire bill because of an exclusion in the fine print of a dental insurance policy.

Does full coverage cover if your car breaks down?

It depends what the insurance was taken out for. Accident insurance would not cover this, but extended warranty or breakdown cover would.

Where can I find more information about cost for braces?

The first place to start is with your insurance company if you have dental insurance. Most companies cover a portion of the cost. There is no "one set price" for braces, it's based on the area you're in and the Orthodontist you choose to go to for them.

Does the Oregon health plan cover braces?

No they dont cover braces because its considered cosmetic.