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Your hair can return to its original it just takes time and lots of tlc. For treatment I would consult a hairdresser. You may have to trim your hair a bit depends if there is any dead ends.They may suggest that you come in for weekly treatment. If that is too costly for you i would go to a hair supply store that caters to black hair. I would buy a PROTEIN TREATMENT you can also buy this at Walmart-under the vo5 brand. Only use this twice a year. That would bring up the hair it strength. A week later I would then do a HOT OIL treatment also by VO5 (do this one every week or at least every other week). Then after you wash your hair always use a conditioner and after you're finish you should buy REVELON's Leave in treatment. It is great! Then you need a good HAIR OIL DRESSING (with castor oil preferably) to stimulate the scalp. ANother good product if you can find it is HOT SIX OIL. really good. DON'T PILE IT ON, your hair will get there.

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โˆ™ 2006-03-30 17:16:43
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Q: Would one's originally tight and thick afro curls become loose and thinner due to sickness and will the hair eventually return back to its previous state?
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