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A Target Parachute

It is doubtful and very dangerous to think that a thousand Target bags would operate in the same manner as a carefully constructed parachute - although one thousand Target bags attached to your rear end would make for a great Halloween costume. Please don't try this one.


Ask Mythbusters.


The bags would not have enough area to open properly. The cords attaching them to you would increase total mass. Even real parachutes fail to open sometimes, what makes you think all the bags will open?


It would slow your plummet for a bit, but then it would probably fold over or get tangled, leaving you as a splat on the pavement

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try it, it will work perfectly


It would work PERFECTLY if you're suicidal


It would work if you apply all the laws of quantum physics and you have written your will. And you have no problem with being flat.

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How would a parachute open on mars?

A parachute would open ABOVE Mars, just as it would above our planet

What is the apex of a round parachute?

The apex would be the center of the round parachute.

Who would fall faster a man with a small parachute or a man with a large parachute?

The man with a small parachute will fall faster.

Energy transformations for a falling parachute?

a falling parachute, energy before would be gravitation and energy after would be movement.

Would a parachute work on a lander to earths moon?

A parachute requires the drag of the atmosphere to slow the descent. As there is no atmosphere on the Moon, a parachute would be as useful as a chocolate diaper (nappy).

Does the size of a parachute affect its performance?

Yes! I would not want to jump with a miniaturized parachute...

Can you use parachute fabric on the moon?

There is no air in the moons atmosphere so a parachute would not open.

What would happen if you tried to parachute from a hovering spaceship on the moon?

A parachute requires air (or an atmosphere) to work. So the parachute would be useless and fall at the same rate as you. Depending on your height, you would probably sustain severe injury and die.

How does the Leonardo invention of the parachute work?

Leonardo's parachute worked just like today's modern parachutes. But Leonardo did not know that the linen cloth he used would spread itself out in the air so he made a pyramid shaped shell to spread the cloth over. Air would get caught in the pyramid and create drag, tons of it, slowing whoever is attached to it, down.

Would it hurt to break your neck?

Yes, it would hurt if you broke your neck, you are breaking a bone that connects your skull to your spine, and has several hundred thousand nerves attached to it.

Does the third law of motion affect a parachute?

yes it does cause if there was no gravity then ur parachute would be going up

How does gravity and air resistance affect parachutes?

Gravity and air resistance are the main forces acting on a parachute. Parachutes are pulled towards the ground by gravity, and if there was no parachute, the guy attached to the chute would turn into tomato paste. So parachutes are designed to create the maximum amount of drag (which is air resistance) so the whatever attached lands undamaged. So basically, parachutes create air resistance to reduce the effects of gravity

What would happen if you jumped in a tornado with a parachute?

you would float up

What does the vent on the top of the parachute do?

The vent on top of the parachute helps air go through. If you didn't have a vent at the top you would be floating in the same place. The vent makes the parachute go down slowly but not fast enough to where you would drop.

Can you put the word parachute in a sentence?

The man jumped out of a plane using a parachute so he would fall safely to the ground. We used a parachute so we could land safely on ground.

Which came first the parachute or the airplane?

the airplane was first because what would the parachute be needed before the airplane? Correct answer is airplane!(:

Did the queen of England get to the Olympics with a parachute?

No, it was all set up. It would have been to big of a risk to send the queen in a Parachute.

What doesn't affect rate of descent for a parachute?

The price of coffee at Walmart doesn't affect the descent of a parachute. Maybe better to ask what does affect the speed of descent. Those would be suspended weight, area of the parachute, design of the parachute, and air density.

How does weight affect a parachute?

weight would affect a parachute if you put a 500lb man on a parachute and dropped him gravity would make him travel faster towards the ground compared to if you placed a 92lb boy on a parachute as the parachute applies the same force to both of them but the man weighs more so takes more to slow down and therefor lands down on the ground first By Alister Kelly

Are there any parachute figures that are available without guns?

One of the favored brand of parachute men would be the paratrooper brand with no weapon accessory.

Would a parachute operate in Mars thin atmosphere?


Why did the Apollo 13 spacecraft have a parachute?

The same reason why all spacecrafts have parachutes: During reentry into the Earth's atmosphere, the spacecraft goes extremely fast. And if there are people in the spacecraft and no parachute, they would slam into the water at that speed and it would be like hitting concrete. So without a parachute, everyone on the spacecraft would be killed.

Would animal cells normally be attached to one another?

no they would not be attached

Would a parachute help a skydiver in space?

No. A parachute would not help a skydiver in space. A parachute works by taking advantage of air resistance. There is no air in space, so there can be no resistance. Perhaps that's the main reason why the Space Shuttle never deployed its parachutes while it was still in space.

Attached is or are?

{| |- | Depends on what is being attached. If it is a single item, the correct term would be 'Attached is.' If it is multiple items, the correct usage would be 'Attached are.' |}