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Would somebody have an Address were you can write to Jive Records Label?

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What I got was 137-139 West 25th Stree 9th Flr Ny, NY 10001 (212) 727-0016 fax (212) 924-0743 OR 1750 North Vine Street 12th Flr Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 871-5379 fax (323) 460-6038 Hope this helped.

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from what i heard from Google. they are. but maybe a second answer would be wise. *Yes, they are. They are signed to all-Christian label Solid State Records (Underoath, Living Sacrifice, Haste the Day).

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She performed at a Songwriter's Show at the Bluebird Cafe in Tennessee. Scott Borchetta happened to be in the audience that night and he took interest in Taylor. He spoke to Taylor and her parents after the show, and it turns out that he was starting up a new record label, Big Machine Records. He asked Taylor to sign with his new label, and she agreed. It was not even a guarantee that she or the label would make it, because it was just starting out. Taylor could have stayed with RCA Records, but they wouldn't let her sing her own songs. They didn't even say that she would ever get a record deal with them. They wanted her as a songwriter, nothing more. So Taylor chose Big Machine Records, which turned out to be the best decision she has ever made.

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Most address labels are software dependent. Usually you can go online to the company's web site that you purchased the address labels from and download the print software/templates to install on your computer. They should have full instructions.Say, if you buy an Avery's address label package it should have a number system for each different type so you would simply download that numbers template. Each template and each company have different formulas to match the template to the label sheet so it will line up right when printing so be sure to match the number/ company to the label/template.

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From: Your Address To: To the Concern authority Respected Sir/ Madam, This is with reference to my change of address. We have recently shifted our residence and I would like you to kindly make note of the change of address in your records. My new address is as mentioned in this letter. I request you to kindly address all your further communication to me at this above mentioned address only. Thanking You, Yours Sincerely, (ur name)