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Underneath the car,located on or near the bottom of the engine nearest the transmission.Should be 2 bolts to remove the inspection cover or you may need to remove the starter and access the flywheel on a manual transmission vehicla or a flexplate on a automatic transmission vehicle.So you either have a flywheel or flexplate,not a crankshaft sprocket.Good luck.

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What is a sproket and chain system?

A bicyle is a simple form of the sproket and chain system in action.

What is the final drive on the 1995 Honda 1100 Spirit?

Count the number of teeth you have on the motor side sproket, divide that by the number of teeth you have on the rear sproket. IE 11 on motor side divided by 53 on rear sproket = 4.81 : 1 (use the first 2#s after "." )

Where is the timing mark located for a 2005 Yamaha bruin 350?

To find the crank timing mark, you must remove the pull rope housing. It is held by 4 bolts. Once it is removed you will see a plastic plug that can be removed with a flat head screwdriver. As for the camshaft mark. it can be found after removing the cam sproket cover. You will see the mark at the top center of the hole. The cam sproket has a line on it that must be aligned with mark at top of cam sproket hole. The line can be difficult to see until you remove cam sproket bolt.

Which gear has maximum power?

The lowest one. The one that has the widest diameter gear sproket.

What does a 25t sprocket do?

It's lighter. It's also less chance your sproket will get caught on the coping

What is the original set of sproket of shogun pro 125 suzuki?

engine sprocket =14t rear sprocket =35t

How do you replace front sprocket on a Polaris 300 xpress need?

89 polairis 300 exploer 4 wheeler front sproket

What is the smallest size sprocket for a bmx you can get without getting a casset wheel?

Guessing an 11T cog (sproket), maybe a custom 10T.

What is the smallest amount of teethe you can have on a pro bmx crank?

By crank do you mean sproket? The smallest iv seen is a 22t but there may be smaller, or do you mean 3pc cranks?

How do you make a scooter go faster?

buy performance parts like a performance gear sproket, a performance air filter, or a performance exaust system. hope this helps!

How do you manually adjust rear brakes in 94 grand am?

probably have drum brakes. so you take the tire off and there is a gap about and inch wide on the outside of the drum casing, if you spin the casing so the gap is near the very bottom then you should be able to see a little sproket. now you have to use a flat tip screw driver to spin the sproket which will either losen or tighten the brakes, depends on what your wanting to do

What is the top speed of modified atc250r?

a 1981 model bored .60 over with a 36tooth rear sproket and 18in tiers will do approx 68 to 73 mph depending on the porting

How do you tighten the chain on a polaris predator 500?

Loosen the two large bolts beside the brake rotor and sproket. then turn the eccentric disk with a C wrench or punch and hammer

Is the timing mark on the cam sproket of Mazda 323 hatchback 1979 at sharp 3 'o' clock position?

have key way at top strate up and down

Why would all lifters collapse?

Oil Pump not working/seized, in which case the Cam sproket may be bad as well now. Lobes may be busted. (front wheel drive)

What is the timing belt configuration on a 1992 Pontiac Lemans 1.6 liter?

The timing configuration on the lemans is on the V shaped grooves that are on the housing on the engine side and on the sprokets themselves. line them up exactly and it should be fine, I found that looking downward onto the housing while turning the sproket works best, by the way the water pump tends to move the belt when you are setting it back into place so compensate by moving the sproket in the opposite direction.

What is the firing order for a 1994 Honda accord LX 2.2L?

1-3-4-2 firing order. #1 plug is on the side closest to the cam sproket.. alternator Good Luck!

Need timing for 1998 5.4 ford engine?

if on a 98 f 150 v8 5.4 , if you put the 1st link on mark in stead of in center of 2 marks and the sproket looks at 12 and or 11 will it be out of timming

Does the timing cover have to be removed on a 95 Suzuki Sidekick to replace the harmonic balancer?

no the cover does not need to be removed just unbolt the 5 bolts holding it to the timing belt sproket the bolts have a 8 mm head

Any tricks to remove rear axel from Yamaha warrior?

remove rims remove hubs then the 2 jam nuts pull of sproket before that loosen chain the pull axle strait out pretty simple

How often do you change your back sproket on a TTR-125?

Pull the back wheel off and there will be bolts (probably 6-8) holding the sprocket on to the rear hub. Take the bolts off, change sprockets and your done.

What causes timing chain ticking on Honda rancher 350 four wheeeler?

too much slak. chain could have kinks from being strectched too far .sliders could be worn out .sproket could have groves in it

Your Mazda cranksproket key damaged It has a new longblock. The key for the sproket crumbled and damaged the groove in the shaft. Anyway to repair this engine without changing crankshaft. It will not?

I have seen cases where this damage can be repaired by using,'plastic steel' or similar epoxy steel putty product. Try to build up to original shape/dimension as less filing/sanding is needed. Not a great way to repair, but have had some success with this method. Make sure that balancer/front pulley bolt is tight to prevent any movement which will lead to failure.

Where is the speedometer pinion located?

Some speedo pinions are located inside the gearbox others on the rear dif . In motorcycle they are located on the front wheel axle and in racebikes on the front sproket shaft . Some are even connected electricly with no pinion .

How do you replace the front crank seal on a 1991 Honda accord lx with a 2.2 liter eng?

Remove the two belts going to the crankshaft pulley, remove the crankshaft pulley, remove the pastic covers. Your need to take the timing belt off make sure to aline all timing makes including the balance shaft marks and oil pump. There a small sproket/gear u need to pull out behind the seal is use a pick to take it out. Once you have it out clean the sides of any dirt. To install the new one find a socket the size of the seal put a little bit of grease, aligne the seal were it goes tap it in slowly. Make sure sits evenly. Starts to assemble everything back in the reverse prosses and remember your timing marks are right. Good look also get a repair manuel