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First, to get an idea of how many legal affairs are handled in Costa Rica, think about this: Although Costa Rica has an "extradition" treaty with the U.S., Robert Vescoe, the "Fugitive Financier" escaped from the U.S. after cheating investors out of approx. $220M. He was welcomed in Costa Rica where he bought the Excelsior Newspaper, the Country Day High School in Zapote, an entire town in Guanacaste, and started another scam business in San Jose with Pres. Nixon's son, Donald Nixon called Overseas Investment Corporation, and so on. He lived there with very few problems for many years. Yes, sometimes the U.S. takes legal action against certain Americans but the Costa Rican government and people don't really like the US trying to bully their country as they have done so often elsewhere, ignoring national laws and even kidnapping some of their citizens because they were wanted by the US Justice Department and the country wouldn't give them up. To answer your question more directly, I owed my student loans when I went to Costa Rica, 23 years later when I returned to the US I started paying them back and paid them off completely. The bottom line is that if you don't make enough money to make the payments they ask for, they can't do a thing.

2007-05-11 00:58:30
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Q: Would student loan debt be recoverable if one emigrated to Australia or Costa Rica since some countries have 'reciprocity agreements' or will sell the debt in order to recover?
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