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Would taking the distributor cap off cause a car to not start after putting it back on?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-30 18:38:55

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If you didn't put it back on right or maybe left something off like the rotor, sure.

2006-08-30 18:38:55
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On a Honda Prelude what would cause your engine not to fire?

coil, distributor, distributor cap, plugs, or wires.

What would cause the coil to quit pulsing on a 1992 dodge shadow?

If it has a distributor, it might be the pickup inside the distributor.

What would cause no spark in 1986 Toyota pickup?

Bad coil? Bad distributor cap? Bad distributor rotor?

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Would a loose distributor cause your car to not start?

Yes, a loose distributor can rotate so that the ignition timing for the engine is lost.

What would cause the distributor on a jimmy to click and not start?

Broken rotor button.

Would distributor cap and rotor cause miss in car?

Yes, they could.

What would cause the distributor to leak heavily?

If the distributor cap is cracked it will leak and if it gets damp out it may not allow your car to start. Also, there is rotar inside the distributor and if it is worn out it will cause the current to not glow properly to the spark plug wires.

What would cause spark plugs to crack 1990 Chevy 350engine?

The only time I've seen cracked spark plugs was putting them in or taking them out with the socket not perfectly straight.

Would replacing the distributor and rotor on a 97 Altima cause it not to start?

Assuming you mean distributor cap and rotor, yes, if you mixed up the firing order.

What would cause your 88 grand wagoneer to eat the teeth of the distributor?

Your oil pump is shot.

What would cause your 2.9 V6 not spark at plugs?

Bad coil, rotor, distributor cap?

What would make a 98 Tahoe jump time and cause the distributor to be loose?

driving it to roughly

What would cause no spark to a coil in a 1986 Mazda b2000?

I have replaced the coil and distributor cap.

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What would a bad distributor cause my geo metro 96 4-cylinder to do?

depending on how 'bad' it is, it would cause your car not to start.... otherwise you would have an intermettinet miss and wouldn't always be the same cylinder. with a multimeter you can check the condition of the distributor.... If it is an intermittent no start condition.... I would look at the fuel pressure and the injector.

What would cause a 1992 Honda accord not get spark?

the distributor does not work, you can either try cleaning it or replace it.

What would cause a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron to not have power to the distributor?

There could be a few things on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron causing the distributor not to have power. But first I would check the spark plugs and see if maybe they have gone bad.

What would cause a rattling noise when putting a car into gear?

bad transfer case

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Chevrolet lumma van 93 what would cause it to not have any spark?

Check pick up coil on distributor

What would cause a 1986 cutlass supreme to lose spark?

Replace ignition module (under the distributor cap)

What would cause a 1993 Chevy pickup with a 350 to lose spark?

The ignition module that is in the distributor is probley bad.

Will an alternator cause a distributor to go bad?

No, it will not.

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