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The question is, I think, too hypothetical. For Henry VIII the central problem was the authority of Rome and the Pope, not matters of doctine or worship. Moreover, this was the time when the English monarchy started to chafe at having anyone is any kind of position of power or authority over it. It's often been said that England didn't embrace the Reformation till the reign of Edward VI.


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Henry VIII used the reformation as a convenient excuse to divorce and then get married again

In 1534 Henry the VIII formally initiated the Protestant Reformation. In the short run, The English Reformation allowed Henry VIII to achieve his political goal of controlling the church. In the long run, however, the Reformation brought to England the political and religious turmoil that Henry had hoped to avoid.

Henry wasn't outside the reformation, but in the middle of it. He BEGAN the reformation when he broke from the Catholic church over his divorce with his wife so he could marry Bolyn .

Henry the 7th Who was Welsh did bring Wales and England together as he was then King of England and of Wales- However, it was Henry the 8th who was involved in reformation

Which Reformation are you referring to ? 1) The Martin Luther Reformation in 1517 or 2) Reformation of the Church of England by Henry 8 circa 1533

As Henry VIII completely disavowed Christ's rule through His appointed Vicar, the Pope, his reformation was completely protestant.

Henry Outram Evennett has written: 'The spirit of the Counter-Reformation' -- subject(s): Church history, Counter-Reformation

The reformation expanded to England because of Henry VII's wish to marry Anne Boleyn.

If i can tell you one thing it is that henry is NOT kind at all.

He started the reformation by breaking away from Rome.

He was a Roman Catholic, as just about everyone in England at that time was, before the Reformation of Henry VIII

Henry VIII's desire for a male heir. Annulment. Henry VIII's divorce.

Henry VIII Theology is his religious beliefs when occurring to the reformation of the English church is and example.

Henry VII lived in the time period known as the "reformation"

Anne Boleyn got married after the reformation in fact the reason he did this reformation was so he could marry Anne by getting rid of the current belief's.

The monestries of England under the reformation introduced by Henry VIII

Henry the VIII led it and started it when he broke with the Pope.

He simply kicked the pope out of England.

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The major reformer from the reformation is Martin Luther. He is the major reformer from the reformation, because he started the Reformation. As well, as the Swiss reformer Uldrich Zwingli. John Knox, John Calvin, and Henry VIII helped a great deal as well.

By removing all the constitutional restrictions the working out of the protestant reformation from Henry VII through Charles provided impetus for English settlement.

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