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Probably. Although the two used were the only ones immediately available, over the next year about a dozen (If I recall) would have been manufactured. Doubtless Truman would have used them all up. Assuming even that didn't bring the Japanese to surrender, conventional invasion would have ensued, probably before the end of 1945. Compared to the two atomic bombs, the devastation from a wholesale conventional invasion would have been much worse.

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Q: Would the US have kept dropping atomic bombs on Japan until they surrendered?
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What caused president Truman to order the dropping of atomic bombs in japan?

Japan refused to surrender, because, it was against their national policy to surrender. Pres. Truman ordered the dropping of two atomic bombs and Japan surrendered. It was either two atomic bombs or invasion of Japan. Invasion of Japan would have made the war last another year, and killed a lot more people than the atomic bombs did.

Pros for dropping the atomic bomb on japan?

Some pros about dropping the atomic bombs on Japan was that the Allies wouldn't have to risk millions of lives during an invasion of Japan itself, a country that would never surrender.

Was it right for america to drop the atomic bomb on hiroshima?

It was not right !! The reason AMERICA drop the ATOM BOMB in HIROSHIMA was to show the World their POWER !!!!! War In Europe had ended Germany Surrendered ! And Japan was the only country left fighting. It would have surrendered sooner. There was no need of US dropping that ATOM BOMB in JAPAN.

How would you use foremost in a sentence?

The use of the atomic bomb is the foremost reason that Japan surrendered.

What was an argument used in favor of dropping atomic bombs on japan?

it would prevent high casualties that would be caused by an invasion of mainland japan

What was an argument used in favor of atomic bombs dropping on japan?

it would prevent high casualties that would be caused by an invasion of mainland Japan

President Truman reason for dropping the atomic bomb in Japan?

The US and Japan were at war, and Japan had refused to surrender. If the US invaded Japan, it was estimated that more than 1 million US service members would be killed, and several million Japanese would die. Japan was advised that the US had a new weapon, but would not surrender. After being bombed twice, they surrendered.

Why the US use an atomic bomb to end the war in the pacific?

Japan refused to surrender. Japan did not believe in surrender, and hated people who did surrender instead of dying to the last person. Pres. Truman dropped two atomic bombs on Japan and Japan surrendered. It was either two atomic bombs or invasion of Japan. Invasion of Japan would mean that the war would last another year and kill a lot more people than the atomic bombs did. Japan surrendered after Nagasaki was bombed, not after Hiroshima. It was either the atomic bombs or invasion. Atomic bombs were the lesser of two evils.

Did emperor hirohito approve on dropping the atom bomb on the US?

probably would have, but japan did NOT have the atomic bomb...........

Would Japan have surrendered without the atomic bomb?

no they wouldnt, they were fighting till death and would of carried on and fought will the last man.

Could the atomic bomb have been stoped?

If you mean the one that was dropped on Japan, Yes. Japan surrendered an hour before it was dropped but the message arrived too late. Would you care to cite a source or provide any documentation to support your statement that Japan had surrendered before the second atomic strike?

What did the dropping of the atomic bomb prevent?

It prevented a conventional invasion of Japan itself and the casualties that would have accompanied that invasion.

Pros and cons for dropping the atomic bomb?

If they hadn't used them, thousands of Allied soldiers would have died invading Japan.

Should the US have dropped the Atomic bomb on Japan?

The justification for the dropping of the two atomic bombs was to save lives. Without the atomic bombs America would have had to invade Japan and there would have been hundreds of thousands of casualties.If America had invaded Japan then many Americans and Japanese would have died in the urban warfare that would have ensued.The Japanese would have literally fought to the death, and the war would have lasted another year.I believe that the dropping of the atomic bombs saved more lives than were lost in the explosions.yes

If Japan continued world war 2 would they have suffered mass starvation?

No...they would have suffered mass extinction. The US was prepared to drop three more atomic weapons on Japan if they had not surrendered when they did.

What is the Nakasaki bombing?

The atomic bombing of Nagasaki, Japan by the United States took place on August 8, 1945. The US believed that the dropping of atomic weaponry on two cities would shock the Japanese into surrendering (it did). The logic was "We'll take a few hundred thousand lives to save millions more". Japan surrendered a little over a month later, on September 15, 1945.

What did the us use to end the war with japan?

They attacked Japan with the Atomic Bomb and then they told them that they had to surrender or they would drop another atomic bomb. The Japanese refused to surrender and they dropped another one. This killed more than 200,000 Japanese. Finally Japan had surrendered.

Would japan have surrendered if the US did not drop the atomic bomb?

yes. many have overlooked that fact that the Japanese sent a memorandum to the U.S with their terms of surrender (practically identical to what the United States required except for the surrender of the emperor). Since their terms were in writing and signed by high up government officials. Japan probably would of surrendered without the use of the atomic bomb or soviet interference. Also, since japan was the only remaining member on the allied side during this time period, they were taking a lot of firebombings. So another question is raised... why would japan surrender over one measly bomb dropping. Another firebombing in japan previously killed about a million japanese.

Can dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshoma in 1945 be justified?

Whew. Good one. Some would say 'yes', because it convinced the Japanese to surrender earlier than they would have. Had the Japanese held out and not surrendered until after a land invasion of Japan, hundreds of thousands of people would have died in the ensuing conflicts. The atomic bombs convinced the Japanese that they could be destroyed without requiring a land invasion.

What is a common reason given for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

To save American lives by hastening the end of the War in the Pacific. The Japanese would never have surrendered easily, and an invasion of the islands of Japan would have yielded many casualties on both sides.Japan would execute American prisoners, if we invaded. The bomb would save American lives. Japan was preparing for a long defense of its homeland.The United States was attacked without notice.

It was right to drop the atomic bomb?

Unfortunately it was the only credible choice for the Allies in WWII. Japan did want to surrender (to surrender in Japan was to lose face). The battles for Iwo Jima and Okinawa were bloodbaths for both sides. An island invasion of Japan would have cost probably a million casualties for both the Allies and Japan. Dropping the two atom bombs was difficult but the only realistic choice for the Allies and Japan. Japan soon surrendered after Nagasaki was bombed.

What was an effect of the dropping of atomic bombs on Japan?

It demonstrated to the Soviet Union that the United States had the ability to counter its armies in Europe, which were larger than the other Allied armies. Many Japanese people, especially civilians were killed. The US demonstrated to Japan that it had a weapon that could destroy Japan without sacrificing its own troops. Japan surrendered to the United States and its allies. Many American soldiers survived the war that would have perished had there been a manned invasion of Japan.

Reason for not using the atomic bomb?

If the tested bomb had not worked it is likely they would have tried dropping the other bombs.If Japan had surrender prior to the dates the bombs were to be dropped then the bombs would not have been dropped on Japan.

What was the purpose of the Manhattan Project?

To create the atomic bomb before Nazi Germany could (if possible). Otherwize to have an atomic bomb to use on Nazi Germany in retaliation for their using them on England or the USSR (our allies). It was never expected when the Manhattan Project started that we might use them on Japan, but after Germany surrendered just before the Manhattan Project had a working atomic bomb, it had significant momentum, and it was becoming obvious how hard it really would be to defeat Japan the US decided that as fast as the atomic bombs could manufactured by the Manhattan Project's factories the atomic bombs would be used on Japan until it surrendered.

What nuclear reaction provided the massive energy of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan in 1944?

if the atomic bomb had been available in 1944 it would have been used on germany not japan. the first atomic bombs were not built until july 1945, after germany had already surrendered so they were used on japan. nuclear fission in a neutron chain reaction.