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Would the clock in a 1994 Z28 Camaro stay lit after the ignition is turned off and would this drain the battery?

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2007-11-25 03:59:10
2007-11-25 03:59:10

in my 95 z28 there was a short in the power drivers seat. so if you have a power seat unplug that. it was a problem in the 93 to 95.


i got a 94 too. the clock and radio run after you take the key out until you open the door. Even if the clock stays on the whole time, it probably isn't enough to drain your battery. have somebody with a wand check it for shorts, you might also just need a new battery.

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If the ignition switch is faulty it could leave an electrical component turned on and that could potentially cause a dead battery. That would not necessarily be the case and you might notice if the switch is supposed to be off but something still runs.

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The radio time would stay on if you had the keys in the ignition but the ignition was only turned halfway.

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either a dead starter or a bad ignition coil would be my guess

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