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Among other things, yes, mineral composition is a common part of geology.

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Q: Would the composition of a mineral be studied by a geologist?
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What would be studied by a geologist A the composition of minerals B the tides of ocean C the climate of a particular area?

A. A geologist would study the composition of minerals.

Which of the following would be studied by a geologist A The composistion of a mineral B The climate of a particular area C The tides of the ocean D The methods used to protect the environment?

geology= study of rocks,minerals and earth. the answer to your question is A. the composition of a mineral.

Which would usually get studied by a geologist?


What type of plants are in the Canadian wilderness?

Which would usually be studied by a geologist?

What is the name of a scientist who studied caves?

I assume that would fall under something a geologist would study

What is the opposite of geologist?

That's a hard question to answer, since a Geologist is someone who researches rocks, minerals, and the composition of the earth, what would you consider the opposite of a geologist. Possibly someone who studies the stars such as an astronomer.

What are the responsibilities of geologist of Mineral Exploration have?

It would depend on their field of endeavor. See the related question.

Why does a mineral have a characteristic chemical composition?

Minerals are basically chemicals in a solid form.A2. Part of the definition of a mineral is that it has a known chemical composition. If its composition were variable, it would not qualify under the definition.

A determination of the masses and number of moles ofsulfur and oxygen in the compound sulfur dioxide would be studied in?

Composition stoichiometry

A naturally occurring inorganic solid with a definite structure and composition is called?

The correct term would be a mineral.

What mineral composition would you expect in rhyolite?

Felsic igneous rock with exact same composition of granite, just tiny crystals. granite= orhtoclase, quartz, biotite.

What is a person who studies rock?

Geology is the general term given to the study of the planet earth. Geology has many branches and Petrology is the branch of geology that studies the origin, composition, distribution and structure of rocks, a Geologist specialising in that area would call themselves a "Petrologist".

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