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It really depends on the overall condition of the gun. There are few guns of that type in original pristine condition. If it were in near new condition, it would definitely devalue it, to permenantly change it in any way. If it were in less than good condition then it really falls into a "fixer-upper" catagory, and the sale-ability or collectability may be affected depending on the quality of the work done on it. The gun can be modified to shoot .22 rimfire by replacing the barrel, falling block, and ejector/extractor without making permrnant modifications to the rest of the parts, so you could preserve the originality of the 25-25 caliber while shooting the affordable and readily available .22 rim fire. My advice is dont modify original parts, obtain a new made barrel and a rimfire falling block and ejector/extractor and enjoy it without ruining it.

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go buy RGB cartridges

Can you 303 british instead of 7.62x54r?

The two cartridges are not interchangeable.

Can I refill the HP printer cartridges?

The HP printer cartridges can be refilled. However this action is not recommended by HP. HP recommends that new and original cartridges are purchased instead of refilling the used ones.

What can one do with empty cartridges?

Empty cartridges, especially ink cartridges, should be recycled instead of being thrown away. By recycling them, companies can reuse them and one can make some money off of them.

Are there any printers with large refilable ink resivoirs instead of cartridges?

No. Although now you can refill cartridges the way you wish to refill these resivoirs.

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Printer ink cartridges are costly, sometimes in upwards of $30. Many companies sell kits to refill ink cartridges or remanufacture ink cartridges for a low fee. Although many OEM manufacturers of ink cartridges suggest remanufactured ink cartridges aren't a good investment, many opinions differ. In general, remanufactured ink cartridges help save the environment because ink cartridges' casing are recycled instead of being disposed of in landfills.

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Yes. Black ink cartridges are usually cheaper because it is only one color instead of several.

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Laser printers use toner cartridges rather than ink.

Printer Injet Cartridges?

Printer inkjet cartridges seem to have an uncanny ability to run out of ink at the most inopportune times. The way to avoid this scenario is to keep a minimum of one extra set of cartridges on hand at all times. Whenever you replace one or more cartridges, you immediately purchase replacements instead of waiting to buy cartridges when you are completely out of ink. This tactic will eliminate the stress and panic of an empty cartridge at the worst possible time.

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How are genetically modified foods helpful?

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What is the value of a 284 caliber Winchester model 99c?

The Model 99C is not a Winchester... instead, it was made by the Savage Arms Company.

How is caliber defined?

Caliber typically refers to the maximum diameter of a gun's barrel in hundredths of an inch. Sometimes a stated caliber (like .38 Special) is not equal to its actual caliber (.357 caliber). This is due to several reasons: 1- Marketing, 2- Measuring barrel diameter land to land, 3- Measuring barrel diameter groove to groove. 4- Measuring diameter of the chamber (brass casing diameter). Usually when a firearm uses millimeter instead of caliber, it tends to be a more accurate description of the projectile's diameter.

What is BBME-IF on Pokesav?

It is a special tool to edit a games cartridges sav file directory instead of using an ar Apparently you can only get it in Japan.

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You may use coupons and certificates in store to receive discounts for ink cartridges. Afterwards, instead of recycling the container, you can go to certain stores to refill your ink. This costs less than re-buying a new ink cartridge.

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Instead of buying Cartridges in the shop, you also can get more downloadable games for Leapster 2 here:

What are the advantages of impact printers?

They can make carbon copies and they are somewhat cheaper to operate because they generally use inked ribbons instead of expensive ink cartridges.

What is the age of J Stevens Arms Crackshot?

The approximate dates are abt 1886-1916. In 1920 Stevens started using the "J. Stevens Arms Co." instead of the Stevens Tools and Arms of earlier versions - I think Crackshots were made thru 36 (?) - so I'm assuming yours is a later version - 1920-36. Hope that helps THe No 26 was manufactured from 1912 - 1939.

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Photo printers are not limited to photos. Instead of having a single tricolor cartridge (2 cartridges total, 1 black + 1 tricolor), they have individual color cartridges (usually 3-6). The cartridges can be cheap since they're small but it can be a pain to have to keep replacing individual cartridges. If you're not going to print photos, don't get a photo printer unless you really like the other features the particular photo printer has. If you don't need color, consider getting a laser printer. The cartridges cost more but once you take how long they last into consideration they cost less.

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evidently a misprint, may be worth something to a collector.

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No it can not. But it can be used instead of diesel if your engine is suitable or has been modified to take biological fuel.

Vous m'avez envoyé 8 cartouches d'encre pour Brother au lieu de canon?

"you send me 8 Brother (printer) ink cartridges instead of Canon's"

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