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It depends on the individual. Some like it that way and feel they have gained more by how they treat others and also any riches they may have reaped. Others do come to realize there is more to life than being selfish, not getting along with others and being self indulgent.

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Why would someone let their pet python loose and endanger people?

The answer is simple, people are selfish. They only realize that the animal is too big for them to take care of it, so they decide to benefit themselves and release it. The bigger question is why would anyone want a python?

Why do people use people for religion?

People use other people because they are selfish and think only of themselves. Religion has little to do with it--selfish people would justify their use of others by any means they thought would work.

If you are selfish does this mean you necessarily have disregard for others?

I am selfish but this does not what you say? I always help the other if they need me No being selfish does not mean that you don't care about the well being of others as a matter of fact it would be in your own interest to have the people around you happy as then they will make life happier and better for you. There are selfish people that care about and there are those that don't.

What if your the other girl?

If your the "other" girl then get out and end this as soon as possible. Nothing will ever become of this no matter how much he says or how much you hope. He is with the person he is with because he wants to be and has no intentions of leaving her for you but for his own selfish reasons is keeping you on the side for his own selfish reasons and not because he wants you. You have to realize this is a bad situation all around and you need to get out - focus your future interest on single people. Think of it this way - if you had someone would you want them having a "other" girl on the side.....treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Is there a list of people who bought tickets for titanic and missed the voyage?

My grandmothers family did but they missed the ship, one of their children was ill and I would also like to know if there is a list

When did people realize the titanic would sink?

i think it was when the front of the ship went down

How do you hack impressive title?

Only selfish people like you would hack impressive title. Sadly, it is no longer running.

Could suffering be prevented if people stopped being selfish?

No, because if we stopped being selfish all together we would let animals eat us, which in my mind is considered suffering. Its never going to happen anyways.

How do you know your name?

You will know your name by people facing you and calling out your name then you would realize what your name is.

What grade would a 16 out of 20 be?

It would be 80. You missed 20% of the 20 questions: you missed 4 questions.

What is the difference between self-obsessed and selfish person?

Self-obsessed is when somebody cares more about themself than other people. Selfish is being greedy, or hording something, money for instance. These two are very different. Actually, I would think they are generally the same. To me when a person is selfish they are also self obsessed and vice verse. There is such a wide range of things that one can be selfish or obsessed about and the question was the difference between self-obsessed so the answer is nothing. A selfish person is "selfish" and a "self" obsessed person is "selfish". To me they are the same thing. Its anything that has to do with that person that's usually what rules their world. These type people are also greedy, very needy, attention seekers and usually extremely narcissistic.

What words would you use to describe Miss Strangeworth?

I would use the word selfish to describe her because she jealous towns people have love and she don't have love in her life.

What is the past tense of realize?

The past tense of "realize" would be "realized".

Why are people becoming more selfish nowadays?

first of all we should understand the meaning of SELFISH. 'slefishness', i think comes from the person's point of view..... saying that someone is selfish does not make him a selfish being...isn't it? to come to the question... i would like to say that it si not people who are becoming more is us who's point of views(perspectives) are changing. people have evolved with time and so did their thoughts, we want at any cost to name everythng,qualify each being. we should take some time out and think if ever it is not our way of thinking that is changing. are we not viewing life form the wrong end of the telescope....

Was Jesus ever selfish?

No. Jesus was never selfish because it is a Biblical sin and therefore would contradict the very nature of the Christ.

How can you not be mad at a cheating partner?

Realize you are being selfish. This is something your partner wants. Would you be angy if your partner went to see a movie you didn't particularly want to see? Also realize they are still with you and they could leave you at any time and be with that other person. Try identifying your own problems with them cheating. Be sure you can address your problems clearly in a discussion with them.

What percentage would you get if you missed 4 questions out of 50?

If you missed 4 questions out of 50, your total would be 46/50. Therefore, your percentage would be 92%.

What is another sentence with realize in it?

Sooner or later he would realize that he had to get some gas.

What would happen to a society if the leaders were selfish?

Citizens United.

I missed a person at a show what phrase?

"I am sorry that I missed your performance. Please forgive me." This phrase is for the actor in the performance. If you did not meet a person at a show, then the phrase would be "I could not find you." This is an explanation why you did not meet. Another phrase would be "I missed you at our meeting place" or "I was delayed and I missed our meeting."

Why are your Pokemon banned from the battle tower?

Because the people there are complete noobs, and they realize that you would win with all legendaries.

Why did people want slavery to end?

Because slavery isn't a good thing its just so selfish that some people couldn't clean for them selves think about it would you want to be a slave?

Who would win a camacasi or terrorist?

Whoever had the larger bomb and killed the most innocent people for no reason besides something selfish or stupid or what they believe in.

Should map fisher have given his treasure to Spain?

yes he should have if he did a lot people would like him and he didn't he kept it to him self and thats selfish.

How did Selena Quintanilla feel about being a star at such a young age?

As a fan of her music, I do remember her saying that she had no regrets of becoming a star at a young age but she wished she could have had a normal childhood and missed out on playing with other kids her age instead she had to practice and rehearse. Selena was really, really happy and had a down to earth personality, but she did not seem to realize the outburst of her superstar status. It was like she did understand her popularity but did not realize that her popularity would eventually become global. She is now missed by many people who have known her when she was alive and also the new fans that have just recently started to enjoy and understand her ongoing legacy.

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