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yes - GameShark can and WILL mess up your game. not necessarily by trading Pokemon though - the "fine makers" of gameshark have encrypted something into every bit of equipment that they sell, that for some reason will mess up your game and sometimes your system, resulting in you having to buy not only a new game, but sometimes a new system altogether! oh and just a bit of warning - be VERY VERY careful if you decide to go with AR (action replay). i used one 5 times and i cannot use my Pokemon diamond or my ds. but this was my fault - i accidentally took it out while inputting codes... anyways sorry to keep ranting on like this but please, for your sake HEED THIS WARNING!!!!!!!!!

2011-09-13 18:51:00
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Q: Would trading a Pokemon you caught with a Gameshark Patch mess up the game?
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On Pokemon Emerald how do you get a Mewtwo?

Someone on Youtube said that there is a way to get a Mewtwo on Pokemon Emerald without a Gameshark or trading from Fire red or Leaf Green.She said there is a certain Grass Patch where Mewtwo is in Route 114 by Fallarbor Town.But it didn't work.She probably used a Gameshark because She could walk on the side of a low cliff,and She used a gameShark to encounter a Mewtwo. Another Person on Youtube said that there is another way to get a Mewtwo on Pokemon Emerald.He said you go to Ever Grande City(Pokemon League),then go to Ever Grande City(Pokemon Center).Then go in Victory Road and the First Pokemon you encounter in there will be a Mewtwo.But it didn't work either.He even addmitted it was fake in the description,but I tried it anyway,and it didn't work. If you want a Mewtwo on Pokemon Emerald,trade from Fire Red or Leaf Green. Or use a Gameshark.

How do you patch Pokemon naranja?

I think Pokemon Naranja is already a patch of Pokemon Ruby. So You Cant Patch It.

Gameshark code for mach bike on emerald?

why dont you just go to the town and get it? or use a walk through trees cheat to go around the patch of pokemon.

Where can you find a pickachu in Pokemon ruby?

I think you can get one at the Safari Zone. Go to the first patch of grass you see. I have caught them there before.

How do you get Raichu in Pokemon Yellow wihtout trading?

Well theres two ways: 1. Go to the city where brocks gym is located and head south till you reach the first patch of grassyou see then search there eventually you will find a pikachu and that one will allow you to use a thunderstone on it. 2. Buy a Gameshark and cheat.

Can flu be caught from a damp patch on ceiling?

Not unless the damp patch is a breeding ground for viruses.

What is the gameshark cheat cod to catch Charizard in Pokemon emerald?

[Master] code: 00006FA7 000A 1006AF88 0007 Charizard 83007CF6 0006 Just walk into any patch of grass and Charizard should appear.

In Pokemon diamond how do you get to the flower patch?

surf there

Where were Pokemon found?

go in a patch of grass!

How can you catch magmar in Pokemon FireRed?

you know how you catch molters on top of a mountain?about halfway up that mountain there is a patch of grass about 2 blocks tall. look in that patch of grass my friend caught one there and he is EXTREMELY hard to find! note: if you are a very impatiant person, DO NOT look for him!!

Tell you the exact location of chansey in Pokemon fire red version?

Area 3, Safari Zone: right of the three ponds 20 steps in patch of grass. The patch is 4 from the bottom and 5 from the furthest right. Ran into the pain twice there but haven't caught it yet.

Where can you see a snorunt in Pokemon platinum?

fly to snowpoint city and run into the first patch of green grass and keep looking because I looked everywhere in the grass and I have caught 10 snorunts now

How do you catch Celebi without gameshark or action replay?

Go to any patch of grass. Catch at least 230 Pokemon but defeat starlyS. then hold start and select aND BIKE IN THE GRASS TO MEAT CELEBI. THIS WORKS ONLY ONCE PER GAME

Where do you get Pokemon liquid crystal ups patch?


How do you get shiny Pokemon on Pokemon pearl with action replay?

There is a code for Action Replay for shiny Pokemon with pokeradar. 1205E472 00002001 1st Find a patch of grass,use pokeradar,battle a Pokemon, then go to a shiny moving patch of grass.

How do you get shiny Pokemon wihout cheats?

you cannot get siny Pokemon in any Pokemon game without gameshark or action replay. but in the normal game without cheats you have a 1 in 1892 chance of a shiny Pokemon appearing every time you enounter a Pokemon. its a rare possibility! you cannot get siny Pokemon in any Pokemon game without gameshark or action replay. but in the normal game without cheats you have a 1 in 1892 chance of a shiny Pokemon appearing every time you enounter a Pokemon. its a rare possibility! You can get shinys but its hard!!! You have to link at least 40 Pokemon (using the pokeradar) that are the same and then you should see sparks coming out of one patch. Go to it and you should find a shiny Pokemon!!! I have an R4 so the cheats make it easy, but if you break the chain then its ruined!!! BE CAREFUL!!!

How do you catch ralts in Pokemon emerald?

You just have to go back to Petalburg City where your Dad is and where Wally caught a Ralts at the beginning of the game. It only lives in THAT patch of grass though, and it's really rare to find even in that single patch. So be ready to spend a couple hours hunting.

What was the name of the 1980s trading cards that spoofed the Cabbage Patch Kids?

Garbage Pail Kids

How do you use a Pokemon encounter code?

you get a Pokemon that knows sweet scent and use it in a grassy patch

How do you use dawn stone in Pokemon deluge?

you cant, w8 for the new patch in Pokemon deluge

Where do you use the pokeradar in Pokemon Platinum?

you use the pokerdadar when you stand in a patch of grass if you not stand on a patch of grass then it won't work

Were in Pokemon platinum how to get eleatbuzz?

in the patch of grass on the way to subyshore.

How do you use the Pokemon radar?

What you do is you go into a patch of tall grass(the flat light green type) and use it. Then you walk into a shaking patch and you can encounter a rare pokemon. if you run though you have to recharge your battery.

How do you catch rare Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

Go to any patch of grass and use the Poke Radar.

Where can you Download My Pokemon Ranch Platinum English Patch?

Just Type Pokemon Ranch download and it will work