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Would turning a 66 El Camino body into a 64 be a simple matter of bolting 64 fenders hood and grill onto the 66?

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2009-01-27 17:06:28

If I remember correctly the 64 had tail light lenses that were

kind of triangle shaped looking down at them, looking straight at

them they were higher in the middle, and the 66 were kind of

curved, with the outside edge being higher. The tailgates are

different as well the top of the 66 gate is concaved for about 6 or

7 inches from the top then it's convexed all the way to the bottom,

they have different emblems too. My 2cents worth: I think you are

going to have trouble. '64 and '65 parts should be interchangeable,

understanding that the grill and headlghts are different between

theses years. When you get inside, the gauge cluster bezel and the

console, if so equiped, are also different, although

interchangeable. I think the tail lights are the same, and I know

all the stainless / chrome bed trim is identical. When you get to

'66 and '67, they share a comon body, and you could change out

front end sheet metal, grill and headlights with each other, but

not with '64 / '65. Most of the bed trim is the same '64 through

'67. The taillights are different, and the interiors are way

different. Similarly '68 and '69 share a body style, as do '70, '71

and '72. The girlls and headlights changed almost every year. I'm

not sure about '71 and '72. On interesting tid bit, the '70 through

'72 fenders from a car won't work on an El Camino of the same year,

unless it is a station wagon. Check out the web sites for ACES, the

American Chevelle Enthusiast's Scociety, or Chevelle Talk and you

can find a wealth of information.

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