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Would u mind helping me out please i want to modify cars what are the things required for making a car faster and attractive?

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2006-09-12 15:28:37

In general, the most typical and effective ways to get more

power from an engine are as follows: Increase displacement. That's

the size and stroke of the piston. Larger displacement gives more

power. Increase compression. That's how much the air/fuel mixture

is compressed when the piston is at TDC. Higher compression gives

more power. Increase spark strength and generally improve ignition.

Use electronic, high-energy ignition coil, and appropriate wires

and plugs. Increase/improve aspiration. Just like our breathing, an

engine needs to get air in and exhaust gasses out. We inhale air,

use the oxygen and exhale the air with carbon dioxide. Cars do much

the same thing. If you can get more air in and get the exhaust out

easier, we've improved the aspiration and you'll get more power.

Often that's done with a blower, turbo, compressed gas, larger

throttle body and header extraction systems. Attractive cars are

very subjective. It's whatever YOU like. My preferences tend toward

original equipment.

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