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Well, yes, the ethernet cable should run faster than the regular serial cable, but I don't think that would be the most efficient approach. You should add the NIC to the PC that doesn't have one, and then get a router to allow both PC's to access the cable modem. Adding the ethernet cable would only speed it up to the maximum speed allowed by your Cable internet Provider

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What does a Ethernet Card do?

When it is installed with the correct software, it allows a computer to connect to a network.

What is an Ethernet card?

When it is installed with the correct software, it allows a computer to connect to a network.

Is Ethernet a software or a hardware?

Ethernet is a type of network, so in a way it's both. If you're looking at a computer which says it's Ethernet compatible or contains an Ethernet card, it's probably talking about hardware. These days, chances are that if you have a computer that hooks up to a network that isn't wireless, it's using Ethernet to do it.

Can you connect a PlayStation 2 to the computer using an ethernet plug?

The PlayStation 2 software does not support un-routered connections to a computer. If you have a USB ADSL modem, and wish to connect the PlayStation 2 to your PC to use its internet connection, look for proxy creation software. It can channel the connection between the PC and PS2 to the WWW, fooling the PS2 it is connected to a router or LAN-compatible ADSL modem.

How long it take download software to the computer?

It depends on the speed of your computer, the speed of the connection and the size of the software. Average time is a couple of minutes

Is PDA is an example of portable computer?

PDA is a software of computer which helps in the connection of internet from a mobile to a desktop......

Can you install WikiAnswers on your computer if you don't have an Internet connection?

WikiAnswers is a website, not a piece of software that runs on your computer. There is no way to access WikiAnswers without an internet connection.

What is computer audit software used for?

Computer audit software is used for many things. Typically, computer audit software is used for designing and creating a sophisticated plan to increase the accuracy of audit results.

How might one learn how to increase their computer speed?

There isplenty of free software that can be downloaded to improve computer speed. Malware and Spyware can slow your PC down and by running a piece of software to remove any of these can help increase computer speed. Also, the software can remove and cookies that may be stored in its memory which also help increase speed.

Is it possible to share a single scanner over the Network?

We found software-based solution. So, this is how it works:* attach your scanner to PC that is connected to a network* install server part of USB to Ethernet on this computer and share scanner * launch client part of USB to Ethernet on every PC for remote connection We are using it for USB dongles sharing.

How do you unsync someone else's computer from yours at home?

You have to find how you synced that person's computer to your and break the connection and then restrict that computer to get the connection. This is to be done using the some software. You can turn of sharing setting and restrict everything.

Should one believe ATT DSL installation software manual when it says that a Ethernet adapter needs to be installed in a computer from 2002.?

In order to connect to the DSL modem we need to have an operational Ethernet port on the computer. That is what the user guide is referring to. Earlier data connections (dial up) on phone line modems did not require an Ethernet port. All DSL modems now transfer data to computer through an Ethernet port (wired or wireless).

What is a comparison characteristics of a hardware and software in in a computer device?

software is a collection of instruction to manage the hardware and increase the life or uses.

Can a computer replace a fax machine?

Yes, with the proper software, a phone line connection and a modem you can easily turn your computer into a fax machine.

What difference does it make of using system software in a computer?

System software helps to increase the functions of hardware for supporting various application.

What does Eucon stand for?

Extended User Control.- a protocol to control software at high speed rates from a given hardware. Eg. controlling a Digital Audio Workstation software from a mixing desk. The physical connection is made via Ethernet.

What do you do if an application is running slowly?

Restart your computer or software might help. Some softwares have a limit memory usage, you can increase or decrease this. Increase this if software is running slow (photoshop has this option).

Can software only be installed from a CD or DVD?

I've installed software from the internet via a modem, and from a USB thumb drive, and from a networked computer via ethernet. When installing a OS you choose in the BIOS where to first boot from.

What folders would you share out to make the Remote Desktop Connection client software available to users?

Computer Management

Is it possible to increase computer speed by adding another ram?

ram is used to copy operating system and application software on it. it totally depends how many and which kind of software you are using. if you not using much software, you need not to increase the memory. if you are using some heavy software like using for gaming, you should increase your ram. ram is not primarily used to increase speed, but it will help you to run your software more effectively.

How does cable internet work?

hi. you must have cable inside the house. you need to contact your cable company for rates / connection speed. a technician will come and install a cable modem which is the link between cable and computer. it works fine for me.

How can all d computers of a room can be connected by a single computer?

Not exactly sure what your asking but, an "Ethernet Switch" will connect all the computers together and then any computer can access any computer. If you have 10 computers you would need at least one 10 port Ethernet Switch to connect them all. If you mean one computer "controls" all the computers then you would have to buy a software program for that.

What you mean by an active internet connection?

An active internet connection means your computer is currently connected to the internet. If you're browsing this page, your internet connection is probably active! You most often see this term used with software, especially games, saying you need an "active internet connection" to register or fully use the software.

What is a Xbox 360 WiFi adapter?

On older Xbox's there is only a Ethernet connector (wired). with the new software for the Xbox it is able to see a wifi adapter and lets you the internet using a wireless connection

How do you connect your xbox 360 to your computer to stream?

Via ethernet cable or Wireless adapter. I believe you can download the zune software to help sync up your xbox and your pc.