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I don't think so. The automatic transmission is controlled by engine speed, vehicle speed and throttle position. A large vacuum leak could effect throttle position, but it would cause other problems more noticable than the effect on transmission shifting. a vacuum leak mpuld not cause trasmission to slip but a band inside transmission would cause the problem

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โˆ™ 2006-04-13 20:58:44
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Q: Would vacuum leak cause automatic transmission to slip on 98 Pontiac Grandam?
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Where do the vacuum lines run from and to on ford escort automatic transmission?

There are no vacuum lines running to the automatic transmission.

Is there a vacuum involved in a 1996 jeep automatic transmission?

No, it doesn't.

Does a Dodge Ram 4x4 automatic transmission have a vacuum modulator?


WHere do you hook up the vacuum lines from the modulator on a TH400 automatic transmission?

engine vacuum or direct into the intake.

Where is automatic transmission modulator on 1983 Chevrolet c10 Pickup?

Should be at the side of transmission with a vacuum line attached to it

Where do the transmission vacuum hose for a 1987 ford f150 go to?

The Vacuum line for an automatic transmission runs from the modulator valve on the rear of the transmission to a vacuum port on the intake of the engine. Any available port will do as long as it is on the intake, not the carburetor if so equipped.

What does vacuum do for transmission performance in a 1988 Pontiac Formula 5 speed 350 engine?


A vacuum line diagram for a dodge 1500 4x4 automatic transmission?

we need a vacuum diagram for replacement 1997 dodge 1500 4x4

Where is the vacuum hose located on the automatic transmission for 2002 Honda accord LX 4-cylinder?

No vacuum hoses on newer Honda transmissions.

Where is automatic transmission modulator on 1995 cutlass supreme?

If this transmission is equipped with a modulator valva it will be on the frontside of the transmission. Pointing towards the radiator. Its a round canister with a vacuum line plugged into it.

1970 Chevelle Malibu with a 350ci engine What should the timing be without the vacuum advance then with vacuum advance and at what RPMs?

800rpm manual transmission, o degrees advance 1200rpm automatic transmission 4 degrees advance

What would cause your Dodge pickup with an automatic transmission to stall when shifting from 1st to 2nd gear?

The real problem is manually shifting from gear to gear with an automatic transmission. If you are referring to the automatic upshift, there may be a problem with the EGR system or vacuum system.

Where would the transmission vacuum modulator be on a 1992 ford ranger?

On the passenger side of the automatic transmission ( I believe it's behind a heat shield )

Where does the automatic transmission Vacuum hose connect to?

Depending on Yr/Make/Model, it usually connects to the intake manifold, TB or a T fitting in the vacuum hose to the HVAC.

What would cause transmission fluid to be found in the vacuum line connected to the heater control?

on some cars there is a automatic transmission modulator valve that tell by vacuum when to shift gears. If that valve goes bad you will get tranny fluid in your lines.

My 1999 S-10 does not want to shift into second gear its an automatic?

There are several causes that an automatic transmission will not want to shift into second gear. The two most common causes are transmission pump issues and trouble with the vacuum modulator.

Where is the vacuum modulator in the transmission on a 90 Ford Ranger v6 4.0 automatic how do you get to it please call 8159623125.?

I believe it is on the passenger side of the transmission behind a heat shield

Where are the vacuum hoses on a 73 vw super beetle?

If you have a manual transmission and a centrifugal advance distributor, you don't have any. If you have vacuum advance on your distributor, there's one vacuum hose running from the side of the carb to the distributor. If you have an automatic transmission, you've got a hose from the intake manifold to the control valve.

How do you change transmission modulator valve in a 97 Pontiac Bonneville?

To change the transmission modulator valve in a 97 Pontiac Bonneville you will first need to lift the vehicle off the ground. Then, remove the vacuum hose and the defective valve. You can then replace with new, and replace the hose.

Can a vacuum leak be the only problem if the transmission is idling too high?

Well, a transmission itself does not idle...the engine does. A vacuum leak in the engine will cause faster idling or slower idling depending on where the leak is. Newer transmissions do not use vacuum at all for their operation. Older vehicles used vacuum to help with the shifting of gears-automatic transmissions.

Where is the vacuum modulator located on a 1999 Chrysler Sebring 2.5 jxi?

The transmission does not have a vacuum modulator.The transmission does not have a vacuum modulator.

What is wrong when Dodge Dakota 1994 V6 automatic transmission dies when shifting into drive or reverse?

O2 sensor or vacuum leak

What would cause late shifting in 1st gear in a automatic transmission for a 1997 Ford Taurus?

check for a failed vacuum modulator or a vacuum leak to the vacuum modulator. It sounds like you are shifting on the governor or engine management unit.

What automatic gearbox will fit in a classic vw beetle?

The "automatic gearbox" Volkswagen used to put in Beetles is an "autostick" transmission. It has a three-speed manual transmission connected to a vacuum-operated clutch and a torque converter. There's no clutch pedal but you still have to shift it.

How do you find a transmission vacuum modulator for a 1991 Chrysler new yorker?

The transmission in a 1991 Chrysler does not have a vacuum modulator.The transmission in a 1991 Chrysler does not have a vacuum modulator.