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Loose fitting jeans are tighter than any skirt or dress since the skirt or dress does not even have any of the seams that form the crotch of a pair of pants. A skirt is only attached to the body only at the waist. You can't say that about pants. This makes the skirt or dress cooler and consequently much more comfortable on a man's body. I can't even understand why any man would even want to wear pants just because every woman does.

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Q: Would wearing skirts or dresses improve a man's sperm count?
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What improvements been made to women's basketball?

The improvements would be the rules and clothing such as wearing long skirts and dresses and you were only supposed to dribble 3 times.

Are there any brands that make only organic, green dresses and skirts?

The Green Loop specializes in organic cotton dresses and skirts. If you would like to find the best deals on organic dresses and skirts, you should visit It is a price comparison site for organic clothing.

How did jeans improve lives?

By wearing jeans it makes you comfortable and look stylish at the same time. Also it keeps you from walking outside butt naked with no pants on at all. A guy needs jeans because he cant wear skirts and dresses like girls.Well i guess he could but that would be gay.

Why cant men wear skirts or dresses when they want?

Because then they would look homosexual. This is only because the world is used to seeing men in pants and woman in pants, dresses, skirts and etc. Mainly because then they would be different and most people like to be the same as everybody else. Also because when they run, there 'stuff' would not be supported.

What is the name of the dress style used in colonial times?

They wore dresses wih wide panniers, which would hold the skirts out to at the side.

What did the Wichita Indians wear?

they usually would wear moccasins, plan tee shirts and skirts. The women wore knee high dresses.

What is better Skirts or shorts?

The answer to your question depends on the the reason you are wearing the skirt or shorts. If it is something dressy I would say a skirt, but sporty shorts. You could always do a skort. That is a short that looks a skirt, but wears like a short. I would also like to add a suggestion here for you. If you are wearing one of the popular really short skirts or dresses before you sit down hold down the hem of the skirt or dress before you sit. It will help you sit better and not show all your bits/parts.

What is Betsey Johnson known for?

Making fun party dresses! She also makes everyday clothes like jackets, tops, pants, skirts, bags, and perfume. But I would say she is best known for the dresses she designs.

Is it illegal for boys to wear dresses?

Currently their are no laws preventing boys from wearing dresses. (Cough!) If there were every Scotsman from the highlands would be in prison...(Now there's a thought!:)

I like to wear dresses i wear them a lot my makes me wear them what do you people think?

People will think you like to wear dresses i would switch it up to maybe skirts or a pencil skirt just get all different kinds of dresses and they are sure not to look too bad.

What type of clothes red Indian wear?

If they are "red" , they most likely are sunburned and probably would wear as little as possible. Otherwise the American Indian dresses as everyone else does. Dresses, jeans, shirts, shoes, skirts, etc.

What kind of dresses would Aunt Alexandra or Miss Maudie from To Kill a Mockingbird have worn in the 1930's?

The fashions of the 1930s for women were strictly dresses or skirts and blouses. They could be house dresses, afternoon dresses pr evening dresses. Prints were popular for the house dress type, while solid colors were used for the more dressy afternoon and evening dresses with the colors deepening for the evening dresses. The length was about mid calf.

Why do 12 year old girls wear shorts under their skirts and dresses (?

When one of my daughters was that age, she would wear shorts under her skirts so she could go get on swing sets, monkey bars, and generally go play without worrying about flashing anyone. She wanted to look cute in her dresses, but she didn't want them to slow her down.

What did girls wear in the 1940s?

In the 1940s girls would wear knee length dresses and skirts. Many of the clothing that girls wore in the 40s had patterns with lots of color. Suit jackets worn with knee length skirts was also a popular look.

Did people in the medieval times like wearing medieval dresses?

Yes, otherwise they certainly would have worn something else.

What were baseball uniforms like in the early 1900s?

for girls, they wore skirts,under skirts, scarfs/ties, a shirt,under shirt, etc however in the end they would end up wearing 30 pounds of clothes

How has fashion changed since the 1980's?

Well now you wear jeans, tops,and mini skirts but back then you would wear dresses and tuxes with ties.

What clothes do the people in the tropical grasslands wear?

i would were skirts short leave shirts dresses or just some jeans well soem time but not alll the tiome

What are types of clothing that would make a teen look good?

Types of clothing that make a teen look good include jeans, t-shirts, skirts, or dresses.

How many dresses did Jackie Kennedy have?

She had a couple dozen dresses to go along with the hundreds of articles of clothing she owned. She did so she would not been seen to often wearing a piece of clothing, especially in public. Many of her dresses were designed by Oleg Cassini.

What did kids wear 100 years ago?

Kids 100 years ago wore overalls. The girls would also wear a lot of skirts and dresses made by parents.

Do men have to wear skirts or dresses to play netball?

Most of the time they wear shorts instead but it would be funny to see a boy wear a netball dress playing netball

How would one wear a Boho dress in the Winter?

Boho are similar to hippie styles where they have long or tierd skirts. In winter their dresses are worn with boots and tights and layers of cardigans.

Is it normal for a guy to want to wear a dress?

It really would make it easier for us to answer your question if you be more specific. Thank you. Anyway, so if when of your friends or someone you dont know said this he might've been trying to be funny and make you laugh but since you weren't more specific i have no clue. But dresses as we all know . . . are for girls! So no it's absolutely not normal for guys to like wearing dresses. Contrary to the person above, I believe it is normal for guys to like wearing dresses. Anyone can like wearing whatever they like, and dresses are abnormally comfortable and airy.

Would wearing uniforms improve your school system?

Wearing uniforms will absolutely improve the school system. It enables all the children to focus more on school and less on whether or not the other kids have name brand clothing, shoes, etc.