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What are the four Olds Red scarf girl book?

The four Olds are old customs, old ideas, old habits, and old culture. Chairman Mao changes these four olds to four news.

What is the purpose of chairman mao's campaign to destroy the four olds?

What is the purpose of chairman to destroy the four olds

What is the definition of four olds?

it is a kid who is four years old.

What would a four year old boy want for Christmas?

a four year old will want things like batman and legos and stuff that four year olds like

Oxygen sensor on 99 olds intrigue?

Yes it has four.Yes it has four.

How much would a return ticket to Italy cost per person for four 14 year olds?

The price of the airfare - which would depend upon where you are returning from.

What are four types of trace fossils?

m olds cast

When did four olds happen in red scarf girl?

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What are the four olds in red scarf girl?

the answer for the four olds for the red scarf girl by ji-ling were 1 old habits 2 old coustumes 3 old ideas and 4 old culture

Is it true that the 22 month child shot himself?

We assume that the necessary cognition for complex acts like suicide have not formed in 22 month olds. Such a death would most likely be called accidental.

What important things did the characters do or say in red scarf girl?

When the cultural revolution started the characters who had bad backgrounds or were in bad social rank would his what would be considered four olds of the old china

A social-emotional trait of a child at one month of age would be?

It would be crying, because since 1-month olds cannot walk, they get frustrated and cry. So mostly when your 1-month old crys, don't pick her/him up, just pat him\her on the back, and don't walk around as much!!

A sentence for excitement?

You could see the excitement of the four year olds as they played in the water.

What was the purpose of the red guards?

to make sure the people don't follow the four olds

Why did chairman Mao want the four olds to be destroyed?

he wanted china to be more modernized

Where is the flasher on 99 olds intigue?

I assume it is the same on a 99 as a 2000. 2000 is right behind and is actually part of the flasher button itself.

Why do people assume that 20 year olds should stop watching cartoons?

Because at that age 20 year olds should be mature i think its nothing wrong with it but some adults feel like other adults should be an ADULT get it?

Four and five year olds usually express their anger by hitting other children?


How fast should a four year olds pulse beat per minute?


Can a four year old understand the My Little Pony comics if her parents were reading them to her?

Yes, four year olds are capable of cognitive analysis of spoken language and therefore would likely understand the text of a comic oriented towards young girls.

What is the average cost of shoes for 5-year-olds?

The average cost would be around $15-20.00

What children books are meant for 4 year olds?

Childrens books that are meant for four year olds are the Dr Seuss books or books with limited vocab and lots of colorful pictures.

What are 5 makes of cars named after famous men in Michigan?

I only know four of them i came across them looking for the fifth: Cadillac, Ford, Pontiac, Chrysler< Sammy hochule The 5th one is: "Olds" Olds Motor Works, Ransome Eli Olds produced 425 Curved Dash Olds in 1901 HI!!

What can you do for teething in four month olds?

Put a washcloth in the freezer for like a half an hour and give it to him/her to chew on.

Were can you take your 123 an 5 years old today?

Obviously a place where four year olds aren't.