Would you call the building attention by saying building attention or just attention?

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In US Navy
A prepatory command such as building, company, group, battalion, etc. must preceed the command of exection. So you would say, "Company, Attention"
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Interested in coworker what to say to get his attention?

I know you probably don't want to hear this but don't mix business with pleasure, it rarely works out and I personally wouldn't want to become office gossip..Your job and the respect level you have will never be the same if something goes wrong. When I was younger I always liked the men at work and ( Full Answer )

How do you get his attention?

if you want to get a guys attention its pretty simple all you have to do is a follow a few easy steps.First get him to notice you by looking better than youn usually do for,for example where a different perfum or wear a skirt or somthing.next hang around him and seem very flirty.and finally jus tell ( Full Answer )

Why would your boyfriend of 10 months just never call you again after you asked him to be more attentive at first he agreed and then made plans to see me but never called to cancel or talk?

Answer . he is afraid of commitment or he is a liar . This has just happened to me although it was a shorter relationship. He changed completely when we made a plan for a trip a month and a half away because he just cannot deal with commitment. Don't worry and be glad you got away quick. Anyone wh ( Full Answer )

How do you know when a girl is just talking to you for attention?

If a girl is talking to you for attention she is likely wanting your attention in particular and is likely interested in you or at least believes your friends. Girls always want attention from boys and if you have them talking to you chances are they like you.

What is attention?

The term 'attention' is used to describe the process of focusing on one or more specific stimuli (meaning something that activates our senses) while ignoring other stimuli that may be present. Attention may be paid to internal stimuli such as thoughts, feelings and memories, or to external stimuli s ( Full Answer )

What is a horse called if it does not take much attention?

A horse that does not require a lot of attention in terms of not needing lots of special food or constant attention by a veterinarian or farrier (horse shoer) generally is called "an easy keeper". But don't forget that horses are herd animals and need to have lots of attention from their herd mat ( Full Answer )

How do to say pay attention in Spanish?

"Pay attention" is said various ways in Spanish, depending on who you are talking to. To a friend: "Pon atención." Respectfully, to a stranger: "Ponga atención." To a classroom full of students: "Pongan atención." (in Spanish America); "Poned atención" (In most parts in Spain) ( Full Answer )

If a woman is usually an attention seeker for what reasons would she shun a mans attentions?

You need to go rent the movie or read the play The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. She more than likely likes you ALOT, but is secretly nervous and afraid of how much she really likes you. We all like to get attention from others, but when it comes to someone you REALLY like, and REALLY ( Full Answer )

What does Piggy attempt to call the group's attention to?

At different points in the book Piggy attempts to attract the other boys' attentions to a number of issues. Perhaps one of the important ones is that when the fire gets out of control on the mountain. Piggy wants them to realise that the boy with the mulberry coloured birthmark has gone missing.

Why do you call a building to attention when an officer is leaving?

It is military protocol to call a room or building to attention when a senior officer enters or leaves. That is, if the highest ranking officer in the room is a 2nd Lieutenant, and a Captain enters, the LT would call the room to attention. If, for instance, the building holds the offices of the comm ( Full Answer )

A word calling for immediate attention?

Will this word help...??? Urgent - a : calling for immediate attention b : conveying a sense of urgency or Significant -a : important; of consequence

When do you call attention on deck for officers?

On deck or outdoors, "Attention on Deck" is generally called by whoever sees the officer first if the assembly of personnel present isn't generally aware of the officers' approach, or if the officer appears suddenly from inside a building, when that officer is within saluting range or near saluting ( Full Answer )

What would get Nick Jonas attention?

he really likes it when girls dress nice since every1 else is doing that so just get floor seats to a concert hope he sees you and thinks your pretty

What does Piggy attempt to call attention to?

When the first fire which they light on top of the mountain gets out of control Piggy is the first to notice and he tries to draw attention to the fact. He also tries to make them realise that nobody had bothered to count the littluns or check whether any of them were still picking fruit in the pock ( Full Answer )

Who do you call attention on deck for in the navy?

Attention on Deck is called for on the arrival of the Commanding Officer. It is also used for any Flag grade officer, which is Captain or Above. The first person to spot the arrival calls the room to attention..

How do you get her attention on you?

i just tell her howbeautiful she is otherwise i flirt with her and i WOULDN'T let her know exactly how you feel about her, just give some attention, don't ignore her or anything like that, But for sure! DO NOT be mean to her otherwise she will think of you as a jerk and not a good boyfriend. Take my ( Full Answer )

Do you call a building to attention fora Medal of Honor winner?

There is no military regulation requiring a call to attention because a person is a Congressional medal of Honor winner. Of course, if the CMH recipient is a commissioned officer on active duty as well, usual officer protocol is expected.

Do people fart on purpose just to get your attention?

The majority of people don't. They just have to fart and probably try to do it in a secretive manner but it comes out loud. Someone probably has farted to get someone's attention but that is a very slim percentage of people that will try or do that.

How do you say pay attention to your teacher in spanish?

In Spanish, attention is not paid , it's loaned. If you say it to an individual student, you say, "Presta atención a la maestra/al maestro." (Depending on the gender of the teacher.) If you say it to an entire class, all the students collectively, you say, "Prestad atención a la maest ( Full Answer )

Do girls say 'it's nothing' just to get attention?

Most often, yes. Girls want people to know when they aren't feeling great (in whatever way & for whatever reason) but they don't want to admit it, and they would love for their prince charming to come to the rescue and make them tell him. Girls want attention, but don't want to ask for it.

What officer calls attention?

Typically any officer that notices the arrival of a flag officer call attention. In formal occasions, the Executive Officer or the Aide-de-Camp will call attention.

What would be a good attention grabber for bullying?

Anything. Absolutely anything. It could be because you'e good looking, you're ugly, you're weird, you're smart, you're dumb, you're small, you're big, you're fat, you're skinny... It goes on. All they are wanting to do is big themself up and bring you down. There's only one way to stop them, stand u ( Full Answer )

Why would a psychologist pay attention to neurotransmitters?

Because neurotransmitters can affect behavior and cognitive abilities. See the related link for a good discussion. Because neurotransmitters can affect behavior and cognitive abilities. See the related link for a good discussion. Because neurotransmitters can affect behavior and cognitive abilitie ( Full Answer )

What calls special attention to a noun or pronoun?

They are adjectives and possessives: This is my first trip to Florida but it's your second time . His is the blue car and hers is the yellow car . Silly me bought four lottery tickets . Lucky you bought one wining ticket . John's ticket is for today's ( Full Answer )

When i open my internet why does it say attention required?

This is most likely because you are not connected to the internet.Make sure on your taskbar it shows internet access. If not openyour control panel and go to the "Troubleshooting" section andselect "Connecting to a Network". This will try to identifyproblems in your connectivity.

What you would do to catch attention of kids?

As long as this question is in Religion, I guess you mean how to get kids involved in your religion, or in the questions of religion or faith. 1. there are many children's books with beautiful pictures. 2. try a TV show 3. Narnia was written as a Christian book - if that's your religion, read the s ( Full Answer )

Are some people emo just for attention?

It is very likely that some people are emo just for attention, but motives cannot be known. It is also likely that some people are emo because their friends are emo.

Would attention be a abstract noun?

Yes, the noun 'attention' is an abstract noun , aword for the interest or thought given something; close or carefulobserving or listening; acts of consideration or courtesy givensomeone; a word for a concept. The noun 'attention' is a concrete noun as a word for a militaryposture.