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If I was in your position I definetly wouldn't, but that's me because if they do it once who knows if they will do it again, and somehow hide it from you so that you would never find out. If a person is low enough to cheat on you then they are not worth it, and you can do so much better. What I think that you should do is tell that person how bad you were hurt and if you really feel like giving that person a second chance then do it and tell them if it happens again then it is really over. The only reason I could see someone giving someone a second chance is if they think that person really won't do it again and they really love that person and wants to be with them. Just be careful if you do decide to give that person a second chance.

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Q: Would you give an ex that cheated a second chance and for what reasons would you give them a second chance?
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If he cheated to be with you will he eventually cheat on you?

if he cheated to be with you he would probably cheat on you so if i were you i would brek up with him when you get the chance to talk to him.

Should you give your boyfriend a second chance if he broke your trust by going through your phone and emails?

Take the chance, it's not the worst way to break trust.Did you give him any reasons or signs to do suchh a thing? If so thenn give him a second chance, if not, then its not the worst thing in the world, but I would give him second chance.

How do you convince your girlfriend you will never cheat and lie to her after you have recently been unfaithful?

If you would not have cheated you would not need to know the answer to this question. Shame on you! if you've already been unfaithful then i have one saying for you if you have the balls to cheat you have the balls to break up with her and you don't say but i still love her cause if you loved her you would have never cheated in the first place jackass Every person deserves a second chance ,if you fail to remain faithful after you have been given another chance then you Dug your own hole,But at the end of the day Its intirely up to her to see beyond that you cheated.

What would you do if your girlfriends cheated on you?

I would let her go the first time but second time, I would say, "GET OUT!" or "WE HAVE TO BREAK UP!"

My fiancee cheated then left you for co worker?

Your Fiancee would have never been true to you. No matter how long you would have been married there would have always been the chance that he would have cheated on you. Be thankful it came to lilght prior to the marriage. Go find a good man.

If he has cheated once will he cheat again?

There is always a chance that he will cheat again but hopefully he would have learned his lesson from the first time

Does giving your boyfriend a second chance make you weak?

That would depend on what ended the first chance. If it was cheating, do some serious evaluating of his ability to be honest before considering a second chance.

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Do cheating woman get a secend chance?

as far as im concerend nobody who cheats should get a second chance whether they are male or female! once a cheater always a cheater is my motto! if they cheat once and you let them get away with it, its likely they will cheat again. second chances will only lead people to believe your a push over. Now if its you that has been cheated on then i would ask yourself this question? could you love someone who would hurt you so easily?

Should you forgive her even though she cheated on you with another guy and still wants to be with you?

It depends on the young woman. If she has been true to you while going with you and then cheated, then something must be amiss in your relationship. I'm not saying what she did was right, but people are not 100% perfect and most people just want to be loved. I would meet with her and discuss this problem and then listen to what she says. If you feel she simply made a bad decision then give her a second chance. One day you may need a second chance in something! If she flirts with other guys and tries to make you jealous every chance she gets then by all means kick her to the curb! You deserve better than that.

How do you get a second chance after cheating once?

You go tell your teacher or another adult that you cheated and then tell them you understand what you did was wrong and that you would like a second chance at what you did was wrong. I hope this answer helps you because this is what I did and it worked!ANSWER:How? it will be hard and it will take you a while. The bond that you two have for each others was broken and without this, your life will be a bit tricky. All you can do is make amends to what you did and make sure that you will make this as your number one priority or else it will not be what you expect.

Why would a man take a woman that has cheated?

Humans are not perfect and a woman may have only cheated once and will never do it again. You cannot judge a person by past deeds when it comes to love. If they have learned their lesson well from their mistakes they will probably never cheat again and make a good spouse. The other question is ... what if the man has cheated himself! Why would a woman take a chance on him.

Should a wife leave when she finds out her husband has cheated even if he was just one time?

Well I would probably talk to the husband first. I mean if the wife truly loves the husband she will, reluctantly, give the husband a second chance. But if it ever happens again if I were the wife I would straight away pack up my things and leave without a goodbye or second thought.

You cheated on your boyfriend and you want him back. What do you do?

Stop and think about why you cheated. * Was there something you wanted from the relationship that was missing? * Are you not committed to the relationship? * Do you really want to get back together or are you in shock at the break up and need time to sort yourself out? If you conclude that you do want to get back together, let him know the reasons and issues and how you would like both of you to address them. Then give him some time, but accept that he may not be prepared to give you another chance.

What should you do when your high school sweetheart cheated on you should you give him a second chance?

If your high school sweetheart has never cheated before and you have sat down and discussed his cheating and he feels remorse then yes, give him a second chance. People are human and since you were high school sweethearts he may have felt he had not dated enough. This is something you are both going to have discuss and if he still feels as if he has missed out on dating other girls then it would best you both took a break from each other and both dated to be sure you both should have a future together.Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

Here's a question for you all if your partner cheated on you 3 times in 3 years with their ex and still wanted to be friends with their ex when you gave them ANOTHER chance would you be ok with that?


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Your boyfriend cheated on you while you were pregnant with his child what do you do?

If you are completely sure he cheated and he admitted it, i would leave him and tell him he can visit the baby when it is born as long as he doesn't bring the cheatee (the person he cheated with) and he can visit the baby whenever he wants for a reasonable time AT a reasonable time. If your not sure, confront him about it and if he admits cheating then i would give him one last chance because he showed his loyalty to you by telling the truth, but make it very clear it's his last chance and if he cheats again then he can be out of the baby's life . if he says no he didn't i would just believe him because if he truly loves you then he wouldn't lie.

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Have you ever cheated one a boyfriend or spouse?

No never you see, I would never liked to be cheated either.

How do you handle a cheater boyfriend?

talk to him about it. if he hasn't told you, ask him if its true hes cheating. then ask him why and how he would feel if u cheated on him. if it continues, dump him. u already gave him a chance

Should you forgive an ex because they want to be with you and they still love you even though they cheated?

If they love you they would not have cheated.

Would a girl dump you if you cheat on her?

most girls would but some girls dont becaue they give ou a second chance

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If a man cheated on his wife and decided he fell out of love with her and wanted to leave for the other woman yet he and his wife stayed why would he take the chance to still be with the other woman?

Because he is an immature imbecile.