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some people just have them

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Do virgins cry during sex?

Yes, but not forever When the hygiene tear that's open to normal she will bleed and it will be painful

New lump on head that is painful?

What kind of question is that....You should say to make it an actual question Is a new lump on the head painful? and yes it is

Why isn't a haircut painful?

good question...

Hole out of the rectum?

What is your question? Sounds painful, regardless....

What cancer is the most painful?

There is no way to completely answer this question, since pain is dependent on the individual experiencing the symptoms. Typically, any cancer that affects the inner organs (liver, pancreas, and stomach) can be quite painful. But it is important to remember that modern drugs can decrease these symptoms, and therefore it is not a statistical category related to cancer.

Is polycystic ovaries painful?

Do you have to put every question I ask on the internet!

How do you get rid of a painful mole?

I am so smart that I answered this question,haha.

If you had plastic surgery would it be painful?

Plastic surgery can be very painful. The recovery time depends on what type of surgery you had. The biggest thing to remember is yes it is surgery it will hurt and it will suck.

What is a good sentence for the word painful?

here is one good sentence for the word painful: It is very painful for a girl to get bullied. [ just remember that you have to make a sentence with 8 word or more. You cant have less than 8 words for a sentence. ]

Why does Shmuel say, โ€œThatโ€™s a question you never have to ask meโ€?

may its painful for him :)

Reactions in the movie A walk to remember?

A Walk To Remember has numerous reactions through out the movie. Most are tearful and painful ones as the characters struggle to deal with a cruel fate.

Well is the procedure painful afterwards?

Your question must include the name of the procedure in order for anyone to know what you are asking about and answer your question.

Why can you not remember the past?

Most people can remember some of the past. However, people who have suffered trauma may not remember things that happened around painful events. There are also age-related conditions which can result in memory loss.

How painful are foot tattoos?

They Make you poop green. The real question is are YOU pooping green?

Does getting your bellybutton pierced hurt?

I had my bellybutton pierced about 6 months ago and i can still remember how painful it was. I am not trying to put anybody off but it is the most painful piercing i have ever had and i am really high pain threshold.

How do you intercourse with virgin girl?

Dont be too rough remember that it can be painful to a greater or lesser degree for some the first time.

Where do genital pimples appear?

Genital pimples appear around a woman's private parts. These types of pimples, though painful, are not indicative of having an STD and usually clear up with proper hygiene.

When braces are tightened does it hurt as much and for as long as when they are first put on?

Yes it does. Most of the time, getting your braces tightened is painful yes although I don't remember it being quite as painful to get them tightened as it was when I got them put on initially.

What is a good punishment?

Definetly a wedgie. Wedgies can be painful or not, but you'll remember them Be careful though, some weird kids like wedgies.

Why people will die?

They die because they don't want to live and they remember their horrible painful life in school. I trust this person i agree with ^

Is painful a noun?

No, painful an adjective, a word that describes a noun (a painful injury, a painful situation).

Does hail fall in ny buffalo?

Oh yes... not too often but it does. The first time I remember was when I was a child, in the summer with shorts on... that was a painful memory.

What is trench mouth during war?

Vincent's Stomatitis (Trench mouth) is a painful form of gingivitis which can be caused by inadequate oral hygiene, poor nutrition, smoking, tooth or mouth infections and stress. It leads to painful, reddened and swollen gums which can bleed profusely. It can result in a gray film on the gums, ulcers between the teeth and bad breath.

What is the comparative and superlative to the word painful?

more painful, most painful

What is the main purpose or insight to Catholic religion?

The main purpose or insight from the Catholic religion is that God loves us so much that He came to earth, suffered a horrible and painful death in order to redeem us, and proceeds to give us His Body and Blood and remain with us always in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar to bring us to heaven to be eternally happy with Him.