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Yes and I think most Americans would agree.

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Can you brew coffee in a tea maker?

yes because a tea maker is just like a coffee maker and it does exactly what a coffee maker can do but you can make much larger amounts.

What is the benefits of a Senseo coffee maker over a traditional coffee maker Will be it substantially more expensive to switch?

The benefit would be that the Senseo coffee maker is fairly easy to clean. It has the pods that are filled with the coffee grounds so you don't have the mess of filters and loose coffee like a traditional coffee maker. The bad thing about the pods are they are more expensive than regular coffee grounds.

What is the difference between a pod coffee maker and other kinds of coffee maker?

Pod coffee cups are sort of like Keurig's K-Cups, but instead of a plastic outer coating, it's a mesh like a tea bag would have around it. Besides Keurig, other coffee makers are brewers, which you put ground coffee beans in coffee paper, and the water rushes through it to pick up the taste.

Who has the best coffee maker deals?

You should try searching on a site like Amazon for a coffee maker. They have used and new ones that do not cost a lot of money.

What exactly is a pod coffeemaker and is there a benefit over a drip coffee maker?

Pod coffee makers use packets of coffee instead of grounds and filters. This saves the hassle of measuring out coffee and spilling grounds like when using a drip coffee maker.

What electric coffee makers make the best coffee?

The best basic coffee maker appears to be the Mr. Coffee JWX27. This machine has several interesting features like brew strength and a pause-and-serve feature. A highly ranked standard coffee maker would be the Cuisinart Brew Central DCC-1200 which offers a variety of settings.

Where online can I find reviews for various brands of coffee maker?

You can do a consumer search for coffee-makers. You should be able to read reviews. You would search something like reviews for coffee-makers or consumers reports on coffee-makers.

How much is a gourmet coffee maker?

There are a number of places where you can purchase a gourmet coffee maker. I would check out sites like Amazon, Macy, and Sears. Costco typically has some great selections as well too. They are typically $200-$300.

Can I buy a single cup coffee maker?

There are a number of places where you can purchase a single cup coffee maker. I would check out sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears. Costco typically has some great selections as well too.

Where can I purchase a cheap single cup coffee maker? is the website that offers a half priced coffee maker. It looks like it's in great condition!

Where can I find a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee?

To find a coffee maker that makes a single cup of coffee, check out local stores such as "Walmart" ,"Canadian Tire" and "Ikea". Stores like this will always be carrying coffee machines and most likely have single cup machines.

How do you make coffee in a coffee pot?

What kind of coffee pot is it? If it is an automatic coffee maker, you can just pop in a filter and and put coffee ground in it, according to the directions. Afterwards, you just pour in the amount of water you like. Then click the on button, and you get a fresh cup of coffee afterwards. It depends on your coffee maker. For more information on coffee, you can check out:

What would one make with a Bodum Chambord?

A Bodum Chambord is a brand of coffee maker. It lets you make espresso and coffee of anytime you like. They come in several sizes and styles but are very affordable.

Where can one buy a filter coffee maker?

One can buy a filter coffee maker from your local supermarket or hypermarket, such as Walmart super center. You can also buy one from websites like Amazon.

What brand of coffee maker would offer red color coffee machine?

Several companies like KitchenAid, Kenmore, Kuerig, Hamilton Beach and Cuisinart all make red coffee makers. Most companies that make coffee makers make them in red.

Where can someone purchase a good coffee maker?

One can purchase a good coffee maker at big box retail stores such as Walmart and Target. Coffee makers can also be bought at smaller department stores like Sears as well as on Amazon and Ebay.

Does this French press make better-tasting coffee than a regular coffee maker if you're using the same beans?

That depends solely on your preferred coffee flavor. Most coffee drinkers would say absolutely yes, but there are some that like to stick with the Folgers crystals.

Where can coffee maker accessories be bought?

Coffee maker accessories can generally be purchased anywhere that sells coffee makers. Even discount retailers like Walmart and Target carry basic accessories. The largest variety of accessories can be purchased online at the manufacturer's sites or on Amazon.

Would you like to have coffee?

no !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't drink coffee

Is coffee pods becoming more popular than the original coffee maker?

Coffee pods are becoming more popular than the original coffee maker, because of ease and convenience. People like the convenience of being able to quickly brew single cups of beverages and not having extra left over.

What are some of the different types of coffee machines on the market today?

Every morning, it's a lot of people's daily life to wake up and drink a cup of coffee full of fragrance and refreshing. However, considering the cost and taste, more and more coffee lovers choose to do it by themselves, and a basic coffee maker can meet the demand. But in the face of the complicated coffee maker market, how to choose the most suitable one? Today, I'd like to give you a brief arrangement.Read More.Please visit my web. Check my profile.

Where can I find the cheapest coffee maker?

Walmart, or you go try going to your local donation store, like goodwill or salvation army they always have cheap stuff including a coffee maker, although it will be used, hope that doesn't matter!

Which white coffee maker will make the richest coffee?

This coffee maker looks nice, works very well and has just enough features to work exactly how I need. I have one at my home and then bought one just like it for use at my office. It also cleans easily. Great buy!

Where can I buy a new office coffee machine?

There are a number of places where you can purchase a office coffee maker. I would check out sites like Amazon, Best Buy, and Sears. Costco typically has some great selections as well too.

where can i find a cheap instant coffee maker?

Keurig Single Cup Coffee Makers are the best brand, and if you search on, you will be able to find one for a great price! If you would like to go even cheaper, try