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Q: Would you like to sign my patisionMAKE POCKET EDITION MODS?
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What are the mincraft mods for pocket edition?

There aren't any mods for the Pocket Edition

Can you get mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition?


Are there mods for Minecraft pocket edition?

At the current time, it is impossible to mod Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

How do you get mods on minecraft pocket edition?

So far I there aren't any mods for pocket edition at the moment. Although I am sure you know that there are millions for PC. :)

Are minecraft pocket edition mods free?

on they are

Why doesn't Minecraft pocket edition have mods?

It has a group of mods. Either you are on creative or you have your difficulty turned down in the settings.

Are there mods on minecraft pocket edition lite for free?

no you will have to buy the full version.

How do you get oil in Minecraft pocket edition?

There is no oil in the Minecraft pocket edition, oil is not in Minecraft at all. In fact, it's only in mods. Mod's are things you can add into the game, you can add mods to your computer game, but not yet mobile. Mod=Modification

How do you mod the iPod Minecraft?

Sorry, but if you are talking about Minecraft Pocket Edition than you can use mods.

How to get animals back to life in minecraft pocket edition?

You can't, unless you use mods or spawn eggs.

Where do you find blue flowers in Minecraft?

Blue flowers can only be found when playing with mods or playing Minecraft: Pocket edition.

How do you be a zombie on Minecraft lite?

You cannot become a zombie on Minecraft without mods. Minecraft Pocket Edition lite can not be modded.

How do you get pokemobs on Minecraft pe?

As far as I know, you cannot get mods onto Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) or Minecraft Xbox 360 edition, just to let you know

How do you get skins in minecraft pocket edition lite?

I am very sorry to report that in the latest version of Minecraft pocket Edition and Minecraft Pocket Edition Lite skins are unavailable as are mods. However the Mojang team is planning to add both features in later updates of the games though possibly not the lite. I hope my answer helped. Oot:)

How do you save a world on minecraft pocket edition?

there are only 2 mods that are for this iPod game and its was rely made for the ipod so try to find the 2 mods (one of then allows you to save your worlds)

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Pocket Edition mod. Minecraft may come out with them in the future, but for now, the only mods in existence are the ones for the PC edition of Minecraft. Sorry!

Can you get cape on pocket edition?

well... it might be possible but all u can do is add items (ModPE Scripts) or just install mods with blocklauncher or pockettool. the mods just edit the game but scrpits can ADD ITEMS.

How do you get mods in Minecraft pocket Eddition?

Go to playstore type minecraft pe mods get pocket tool and the one above it it will tell you the rest

Can you get minecraft mods on xbox360 edition?

You can't get mods on the Xbox 360 because it can't download mods at all.

Can you meet herobrine in minecraft pocket edition?

you can not meet Herobrine on either PC, XBox, or Pocket edition as he does not exist and never has. i'm sure there are mods for the PC for Herobrine, and if you really wanted to you could hack you mobile device and input a mod for Herobrine on Minecraft PE but i do not recommend this

Is there any Game Boy pocket mods?


Can you use mods for minecrft xbox 360?

Unfortunately no, you cannot. Mods are only available for the PC version (and Pocket Edition if you really try to mod it). The closest thing to a mod in the XBOX 360 version would be the resource packs available for download.

How many mods does Minecraft Xbox 360 edition have?


How many Xbox 360 Minecraft mods are there?

There are none, the Xbox 360 edition does not yet contain any mods.

How do you play as a hunter in halo custom edition?

you cant unless you have mods