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Would you lose weight if you had only instant noodles for every meal?

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You might, but you'd also become perilously malnourished and probably give yourself a heart attack from the sodium.

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What is the combined feet of noodles in chicken noodle soup?

Nobody would know. There is a different number in every can.

Can you eat Ramen noodles while pregnant?

You mean Ramen noodles The instant kind. This is becoming an urban legend. The problem is not the noodles but the little package of seasoning that goes with them. High starch, High salt, some with MSG etc. Satisfy your cravings, do not rely on this convenience food for every meal or snack you need or want and you will be fine. See the RELATED LINK for more information.

How long of noodles are eaten a day in the US?

around 4 million noodles are eaten every 2 weeks in the us

Where can you buy egg noodles?

almost every large chain grocery store has a number of brands and types of egg noodles

Are noodles delicious?

Yes noodles are delicous! Noodles are good in almost every sauce. It is good in cream sauces of many sort, they are also good in spagetti sauces. They are good in other sauces to but i don't feel like naming them. Just remember kids, noodles are delicous!

When was pasta created?

Noodles probably originated in central Asia as far back as 1000 B.C. Almost every country has some form of pasta or noodles.

How long can you live for on super noodles and relentless?

You can live on Super noodles and water for about 20 years as long as you work out every day for 3 hours so that you do NOT get unhealthy

What customary unit of weight would you use to measure the weight of a airplane?

The weight of just about every airplane, no matter what its size and capacity, is expressed in pounds.

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If you consume 500kcal more every day how much will you weight in a month?

500 extra calories would be an extra pound of weight every 7 days (3,500 calories is equal to one solid pound of weight). That is about 4 to 4.5 pounds every month.

How much weight will you lose if you walked 3 mile every day?

You would lose about 1kg every 25 - 26 days.

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Which has the certain value(magnitude) at every instant of time.

Would you rather give your weight out in pounds or your mass out in kilograms?

Mass, in kg. Every time.

How much weight can an un-trained grown male lift?

That would be different on every individual depending on their size and weight and body chemistry.

How do people in Europe measure weight?

Every country in Europe uses the metric system, meaning they would measure weight in kilograms, grams, etc.

Does every pregnant woman gain weight?

Every pregnant woman should gain the weight.

How many feet of noodles in a box of spaghetti?

If this is a trick question - None. There are no noodles in a box of spaghetti If it isn't - The average length of one piece x the number of pieces, unless you want to emasure every piece

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The average cost of instant loan is around 15 to 30 dollars for every 100 dollars loan. However, instant loans are dangerous as it can cause one to fall into debt fast.

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I do not know the effects of an eclipse to "weight", I am guessing you are reffering to a lunar eclipse. If by weight u mean in reffernce to Earth then it would only infintesimely change its weight to the Earth but the object weight from the moons perspective would increase by the same amount. The moon on its own impacts our tides by its gravity pulling water accross the Earth as it orbits, so yes it would reduce our weight from Earths perspective but only infintesimely but the weight would not lessen as everything inside the universe is under the influence of gravity from every other object. Your body is pulled by gravity from every other person around the world, the moon, the sun, every other planet, hell, every other mollecule, proton, neutron and electron in the entire universe and most likely everything that is beyond that.

How often should you train?

People who are weight training should work out no more than every other day. To do weight and strength training every day would result in muscle tears and other stress injuries.

Do first aid instant cold packs expire?

Technically no they don't. However the chemicals can break down and the packaging can deteriorate. I would replace them every couple of years.

Why do scales give you a different weight every time?

because you either get fat every time or you loose weight ?

What is your weight on other planets if your weight on earth is 43 kg?

Kilograms are a measure of mass, and since mass never changes, you would be 42 kg on every planet.

How do you know that I am over weight?

you would have to find out you're BMI, from this you can see where ure BMI stands, as every person is different you need to calculate ure height and weight and the guide will tell you if you are over weight or under weight or just right

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It would very much depend upon which protein you are talking about. Every protein is different.