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* I would rather be with intelligent individuals no matter what they looked like. You would receive a lot more pleasure from learning from each other than you would from sex all the time. * I don't care. But this is stupid. I'll get rid of it tommorow. I agree with the answer above. I'll take sex any day, no matter what individuals look long as I get some, LOL! being with smart people is good they learn quickly so they will get good real quick I'll just say this: you can always have sex in the dark.

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Are you gay if you pleasured a man?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

Arachnids reproduce sexually or asexually?

sexually with pleasure!

What is the Jewish position on a pregnant woman regarding sexual relations?

It is the husband's duty to make sure his wife is pleasured sexually.

How do you sexually pleasure a dog?

You sick person!

How do you sexually pleasure a girl?

The best answer is from the girl involved.

How many ways are there to sexually pleasure your girlfriend and what are they?


How do you reach climax?

When you get stimulated sexually (and you like it), after awhile, you climax from the pleasure.

What does 'Wanking yourself' Mean?

It means to masturbate, to sexually pleasure yourself.

How can you torture yourself sexually for pleasure?

Don't do it. You'll come out with permanent body damage, or an infection.

How do you pleasure a cat?

i don't know if you want to do it sexually but if not scratch them under the chin or behind the ears

What can you do if you want to pleasure yourself sexually?

maybe you can do like helping other.It will come out that you would be praise everybody.

How can you make your boyfriend who has just lost his best friend in a car accident be happy again?

Pleasure him sexually.

Are you gay if you want to want to pleasure a man?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are a man who is sexually attracted to men.

Why do people striptease?

The anticipation of a pleasure can be as enjoyable, or even more enjoyable than the pleasure itself. The anticipation of seeing someone you are sexually attracted to become naked is highly arousing.

What does it mean when a guy calls you names?

During intercourse it means he is highly enjoying you sexually and says the names as a mean of expressing his pleasure.

How does a woman pleasure another woman in bed?

A woman can pleasure another woman by using her mouth and hands to sexually stimulate the other womans genitals. A woman can also get a variety of sex toys to use on the other woman.

What does Kobe Bryant mansion look like?

It very similar to the gay-boy mansion, meaning that he has many male butlers pondering around the mansion. While they travel around this fruity wonderland they wait to be sexually pleasured/assulted by the gayker himself, Kobe Bryant.

You think of a beautiful actress constantly Are you gay?

Absolutely not. You are only gay if you are sexually attracted to members of the same gender.

What does it mean when your boyfriend calls you beautiful instead of hot or pretty?

It means he loves you. Hot means he's sexually attracted and you can have a pretty face but beautiful is about personality. Congrats! My bf called me beautiful a couple days ago C:

How do you win back a girls heart?

Buy her what ever she wants and if so pleasure her(sexually) in a way she has never felt before then she will want to come back for more

How do you sexually pleasure yourself without a man?

you can masturbat rub your vagina for a long time or get a nother female to lik your vagina rilly hard youll love it

What are Spartans fighting style?

The Spartans fought with dildos and rape and sexually assaulted their victims. They usually raped the victims in the anus or in the mouth. It is a proven fact that the Spartans were homosexual and raped their own sex for fun. The Spartans also pleasured them selfs with 2 ft long dildos in the anus.

What was the affect of Freud's psychology theories in the Victorian era?

Well this is very brief and basic however the Victorian era was very sexually repressed so to have someone who was proposing ideas that unconsciously people had great sexual desires and a desire to be pleasured would obviously be very controversial in that time.

To what extent can Pavlov's theory be applied to behaviors responsible for the spread of HIV and Aids in Zimbabwe?

Sexual pleasure can create conditioned responses, which in the case of sexually transmitted disease, are often not the right responses. Pleasure is short term, safe sex is long term planning.

Where can a 13 year old get pleasure from?

When your married and with your spouse. Or you can masturbate. There is no shame in it, and just about everyone does it. You can't get pregnant or a sexually transmitted disease by masturbating, and it does a very good job of releasing tension.