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They are Ideal for slow cooking. Depending on how much time you would like to spend cooking and what type of items you would like to serve. They are not for all types of grilling.

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Q: Would you recommend a barbeque grill smoker?
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Do any companies make a combination barbeque grill and smoker?

The company Black Dog makes a combination barbecue grill and smoker that is sold on Woodland Direct for $639. However, shipping right now is free on that website.

Which smoker barbecue grill works the best and longest for a low cost?

For me the best smoker barbeque grills is the Cabela`s Smokers. They have some with a price starting from $119.99 and up. Usually a barbeque grills last long depending on the usage and maintenance.

Would I be able to smoke about 20 pounds of tuna in the smoker attached to a barbeque grill?

Yes, you can smoke 20 pounds of tuna in a smoker barbecue drill. You need not bother with a commercial smoker. The trick is to start very early in the morning assuming you need your fish smoked and ready by noon.

Where can a barbeque grill light be bought?

Barbeque grill lights can be bought from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell barbeque grill lights include RadioShack, LampsPlus, andBBQGuys.

What is an egg barbeque grill used for?

The Big Green Egg is a BBQ smoker, grill, pizza oven and even a tandoor all in one. In fact it has to be one of the most versatile pieces of outdoor cooking

How long do you cook a chicken in a smoker grill?

The length of time that you cook a chicken in a smoker grill would depend on what size chicken you have, and how hot your grill gets. Typically it would be about 30 minutes.

Can you recommend a wireless digital thermometer for use in kitchen and barbeque?

The Taylor weekend warrior is a great choice for the kitchen and grill.

What are the benefits of a smoker BBQ grill?

A smoker grill have faster cooking time compared to non smoker. Also Some people like the added aroma provided by a smoker grill that a non smoker grill don't provide.

Should I buy a gas-fueled or charcoal powered barbecue grill?

If you want to cook your food faster then I would recommend the use of gas fueled barbeque grills than a charcoal. Although using a charcoal barbeque grills can give you a delicious taste.

How do you cook with a pizza stone on a barbeque grill?

Pizza stones will work well on a barbeque grill. You have to use caution and carefully monitor the temperature inside the grill to get the best results.

Where can I find parts for my BBQ grill?

If you are looking for parts for you barbeque grill the best place to go is grill depot. They are the best online retailer of barbeque spare parts. Find them at

What is the best kind of smoker grill for my barbecues?

The kind of smoker grill that you should get should be something that works for you. I do not know what kind of backyard you have so I can not give you the best advice on what kind of smoker you would most like.

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