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It depends but in most cases you would weigh more on a gas planet. While the gas planets have a far greater mass than the terrestrial planets, they also have much larger radii. The strength of the surface gravity of a planet is directly proportional to its mass and inversely proportional to the square of its radius. Three of the four gas planets in the solar system have stronger surface gravity than any of the terrestrial planets. Uranus is the exception. Uranus is about 4 times the radius of Earth and 14.5 times Earth's mass, which gives Uranus a surface gravity 88.6% that of Earth. So you would weigh less on the gas planet Uranus than you would on Earth or Venus, which are terrestrial planets.

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Based on the fact that the gaseous planets in the solar system have much greater mass than terrestrial planets, you would weigh more as weight depends on gravitational pull, which is increased based on the mass of the object.

the planet that you would weigh the least on is mars cause of the total of the mass

if you weighed 100lbs.on earth how much would you weigh on your planet

If you weigh 200 lbs on the Earth, you would weigh 181.4 lbs on Venus. Your weight on a different planet depends on the mass of the planet and the distance you are from the center of the planet.

Mars, if you weigh 100lbs on Earth, you would weigh 37.7lbs on Mars. It would be Pluto as you would only weigh 6.7lbs on Pluto but it is no longer classed as a planet.

Saturn. If you weighed 100lb on Earth you would weigh 106.4lbOn Venus you would weigh 90.7lb

i think in Jupiter you would weigh the most

you would weigh the least on mars. (take in account Pluto is not a planet any more)

Not on any planet in this solar system. Mercury has the weakest gravity of any planet in the solar system. A 100 lb person on Earth would weigh 37 lbs on Mercury. That same person would weigh about 17 lbs on the moon, but the moon is not a planet.

I believe that The planet which you would weigh most on would be Jupiter, as it is a much larger planet then earth its Gravitational force is much greater and it is also the largest planet in the solar system which would make it with the largest Gravitational force

A person would weigh the most on Jupiter, since Jupiter has the strongest gravitational pull. If it were possible to stand on Jupiter's liquid core, or swim in its liquid core, we could say that a person would weigh the most on Jupiter.However, since Jupiter is actually a gas planet, there technically is no "on Jupiter". Earth is the most massive terrestrial planet in the solar system, so a person would weigh more on Earth than "on" any other planet.In other stellar systems you would weigh more on Brown Dwarfs circling stellar companions. Despite their categorization, Brown Dwarfs do not have hydrogen fusion reactions inside their core, making them closer in resemblance to gas giant planets.

200-pound person weigh on the planet Mars would be 75.4 pounds

You would weigh very slightly less on Mars than on Mercury.

In our Solar System, you would weigh the most on Jupiter.If you weighed 100lb on Earth, you would weigh 236.4lb on Jupiter

Well you would need to know the force of Gravity on the surface of Planet A to answer this. The equation to use would be 5 multiplied by the force of gravity on Planet A = the weight in kilograms. So if Gravity on planet A was twice that on Earth then it would weigh 10Kg and if it was 1/2 that on Earth it would weigh 2.5 kg.

Your weight is a function of the gravitational attraction of an object on your mass, so on which planet (excluding Pluto) would you weigh the least?

You could weigh 62 pounds on the planet Uranus.

You would not be able to actually stand on the surface because Neptune is a gas planet. But if you were in a structure that was able to fly (not orbit) on the "surface," you would weigh around 99.18 pounds.

In our solar system, the planet on which one would weight the most is Jupiter

Because of Jupiter's mass, you would weigh more on Jupiter than on any other planet. You would be from two to three times heavier on Jupiter than you are on Earth.

Jupiter, as it has the most gravity.

A person would weigh the most on Jupiter, since Jupiter has the strongest gravitational pull.

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