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If he still cares about you, he might get upset.

2006-09-03 03:55:59
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Q: Would your ex-boyfriend get jealous if you happen to mention another guy while he's around?
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How do you get your crush jealous?

Easy. Stand around another girl/guy, talk to them ALOT, and they will be very jealous. I've done it, it worked.

How can you tell if someone is jealous of another person?

They start to act really weird around you and if u watch their face you can tell that they're jealous. When I'm jealous my brow wrinkles and I push my lips together.

What if a guy is flirting with another girl when you are around but when you aren't he stops?

he probably liked you and is trying to make you jealous

How do you know a girl is jealous?

You can usually tell if a girl is jealous if she is always wanting to be around you. you can also tell if she gets mad everytime your with another friend or you talk to another girl. if she is jealous than you should just sit down with her and find out what she doesnt like you doing and if you don't agree with her just be nice and say your sorry but theres nothing to be jealous about....

What are some ways to send your ex boyfriend crawling back to you?

Well you flirt around him with other boys and make him jealous. Maybe get another boyfriend for the mean time to make him jealous. from cupid

What does it mean when a guy constantly calls another guy your boyfriend when he isn't?

Hes either playin around or hes jealous.

How do you make her jelous?

Girls get jealous very easily. One of the easiest ways to do this is to flirt with other girls whenever you're around her. Another thing that might make her jealous is to talk to her about girls you like.

If your ex starts trying to play around is it best to go back out with him?

no find another person and make ur ex jealous

My ex dumped ME but what does it mean when he ignores me completely but then when other girls are around him is overly firtatious with THEM and yet REALLY have to try not to look at me?

He's trying to make you jealous and hurt you. Do the same thing back to him with another boy! He will get jealous~!

What are words that start with ex that revolve around the revolutionary war?

here are some words: exboyfriend exhale extinct exit

What does it mean that after your ex makes you very jealous he is around you a lot that day Why is he around you a lot after making you jealous?

He could be around you afterwards to see if his actions had any effect on you

How do you know if your friends are jealous of you even if they are pretending not to be?

You can tell when your best friends are jealous of you by how they talk to you and how they act around you.

How do you know if your boyfriend gets jealous when you talk to other boys?

I think that when your boyfriend is jealous of your guy friends he will start to be around you more and when your guys friends come around he will completely ignore them and try keeping you all to himself. Another way is when he sees your guys friends talking to you or hugging you he gets mad.

Why does your ex who wants to be friends ignore you but then gets jealous when he sees you with another guy and makes a point to show you that he is jealous?

Because he is jealous. He says "I just want to be friends" but really he is thinking "If I can be around her more, we might get back together." It is EXTREMELY hard for couples who breakup to be friends and friends only, because breakups are almost never mutual, even if it seems they are.

Why was Hera jealous?

Wouldn't you be jealous if your husband ran around having sex all the time with women that have bigger boobs and sexy bodies

Why does your cat become aggressive when another cat is around?

it means that your kitty katt is Jealous of the other cat. It wants the attention the other cat is going to get if you don't pay attention to it.

How do you make your ex boyfriend jealous?

The only way to make your boyfriend jealous was to flaunt another guy around him. Chances are if you have to try to make him jealous then your not over him. So that would mean he broke up with you and if he broke up with you then that probably means he is not that into you. But I could be wrong that may work, though what about that guy you are using. He might actually really like you and you are going to use him like a toy to make someone else jealous. Now that would not be far to him would it?

How do you get a sweet boy jealous?

date other guys when hes around >:)

Does sango loves miroku?

yes she does. she get jealous when miroku around woman

How do you make your ex jealous jealous?

okay well the best way to make your ex jealous is by flirting with other guys...BOYS HE IS NOT FOND OF............ always look your best and act really happy around other guys

Is Hermione Granger jealous of Lavender Brown?

Yes, Hermione was very jealous of Lavender when she was dating Ron. Hermione actively avoided being around them as a couple.

What are some ways a girl trys to get a guy jealous and how can you tell if a girl you like likes you without talking to her or having your friends talk to her?

For jealous she probably would try to talk to another guy when your around. How you can tell she likes is either by her looking at you and can't stop, or she talks and probably wants to touch you when your around and makes you walk slower to spend more time with you in that brief moment

What means when a girl looks back at you 2 times when a guy puts his arms around her shoulders I must mention that our relationship was pretty complicated in the past?

My guess would be that she wants to make sure you see that she is with another person. Maybe it's to make you jealous, maybe it's to get revenge for something she thinks you did, or maybe it's for other reasons. There's really no way of knowing without asking her.

What does it mean if a guy acts weird around a married woman?

He's jealous

Does kagome love inuaysha?

yes she does love him and plus she get jealous when he around kikyo