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This is not legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Consult the specific laws for the state and county in which you reside for the rules that apply. In most states, any 18 year old is considered an adult and is capable of deciding when and where they reside. They have the ability to contract for housing. SOME states allow minors to become emancipated under specific circumstances, but this is not just a matter of filling out some paperwork. A minor is the responsibility of their parents until such time as they reach the age of majority or are legally emancipated. The parents are required to provide for the support of their minor children. If the parents give permission, the minor can live in another location. Such permission does not relieve the parents of the responsibility to provide support. If the parents do not give permission, the minor can be considered a runaway. Charges may apply to individuals that aid and abet such runaways, particularly if they are under the age of consent. In some states it is my understanding that this is not enforced for 17 year olds that leave home. If you are subject to abuse, you should contact social services for your area. They will assist you in getting out of the bad environment and into a safe place.

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Q: Would your parents allow you to move out without your being able to prove you have the legal right to do so?
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Is a 17 year old in Michigan allowed to legally live on their own without having to be emancipated?

No. If your parents allow it, you can move in with another person. You cannot own property without being emancipated.

If you do not live with your parents but they allow you to get married can you do so without them knowing?

If you are a minor you would need them to sign a consent form or in some states be present to obtain the marriage license, that being the case they would obviously be aware of the situation. If you are an adult you do not need their permission and could marry without them being notified unless you or another person who had knowledge of the marriage informed them.

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Is it possible for your parents to reserve a hotel for you and allowed to stay at it being only 15 without another adult over 18 or 21?

It is doubtful that any hotel will allow a fifteen year old to check in one of their rooms without an adult. This is a liability and very likely would not be allowed anywhere.

What places can five fifteen year olds go to for a 15 year old girls birthday without their parents?

Very few places will take a reservation from a 15 year old for a party. The parents could make the arrangements, pay for it, and allow the party to happen without being there.

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Can you move out at 16 without being emancipated in Ky?

{| |- | Not without the consent of their parents. Until they are adults they remain the responsibility of the parents. That includes the parents determining where thay can live at. |}

In Wisconsin can a 17 year old move out of their parents house without parents permission and without being emancipated?

A child under the age of 18 cannot move out their parents house without either permission or emancipation. If the child moves, law enforcement officers would bring the child back home.

What gyms allow 16 year-olds to have memberships without being accompanied by an adult?

Most gyms do not allow minors to workout without being accompanied by an adult for legal reasons. You can try the YMCA. They may allow you to attend alo0ne age of 16 if there is a family membership.

Is there any possible way for a 16-year-old female in the state of Missouri to marry a 21-year-old male without her parents' consent without being emancipated?

No, the parents would have to give consent or the minor female would need to obtain the consent of the court before a marriage license would be issued.

Can you move out on benefits if your 17 with out being forced into foster care?

The court would only allow this is you are being abused and removed from the home. If your parents have allowed you to move out before age of emancipation it is still their obligation to support you.

How do you convince my parents to get me a car?

I would start by being responsible and being able to pay car insurance. If you cannot be trustworthy and responsible then I would not allow you that kind of freedom either. Car insurance is a very large expense as well.

Can you move out at sixteen years old without the law being able to do anything about it in NC?

Not without your parents permission.

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Can you pursue medical malpactice without a lawyer?

It would not be a good idea. The court probably will not allow you to bring the case without an attorney. And the knowledge of the law and the court processes is a big factor in being able to succeed.

Can a 15 year old move out without being emancipated in California?

{| |- | Not without parental permission. Until they are adults they remain the responsibility of their parents. That includes the parents determining where thay can live. |}

Can you move out if you are pregnant and under the age of majority in Kansas?

Being pregnant does not make you an adult. You are still the responsibility of your parents. You may be able to move out, but only if your parents allow it.

Can a 15-year-old in Oklahoma move out with her parents' permission without her parents being responsible for her?

The parents are responsible until the kid is 18 unless the child gets emancipation.

Can you move out of your parents house if you're 15 and pregnant?

As long as they allow you to. You are not an adult yet, despite being pregnant.

Can a 17-year-old legally move out of their parents' house without being emancipated in tx?


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What do you have to do in order to get married at 15 without your parents' permission?

The only possible way to do that is to claim yourself as an independent from your parents, which would involve not living with them, having a job that you can support yourself on, and a lot of paper work. First, you would have to prove yourself as being able to be independent, and having good reason for becoming independent. Also, there would be a small court session with a judge who would determine, ultimately, your status as being an independent.

Can a 16 year old leave home in georgia without being forced to return?

No, they may be returned to their parents. Until they are 18, the parents are responsible for them.

Can a 17 year old move out without being emancipated but have he consent of his or her parents?

With parental consent, they can move out. Emancipation means the parents are no longer responsible for them.

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