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Wro are the top two jedi?


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I would say Yoda and Luke skywalker.


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You are a Jedi, when you choose one of the two classes that are Jedi. The two classes are Jedi Knight and Jedi Consular.

There are two users of the dark side of the force:Dark Jedi and Sith. The dark jedi are just evil jedi, but the sith are dark jedi on steroids.

Yoda Obi-Wan Kenobi

No jedi have 2 light-sabers. But they do in Star Wars video games. (Some.) No Jedi that is seen in the whole Saga (at least that I can recall right now) has two lightsabers. But in the Expanded Universe several Jedi wield duel lightsabers specifically Jedi with master in the Niman lightsaber combat form.

Zéro, pronounced : Zay-wro

There were more than just two Jedi survivors of order sixty-six, but there were only two High Jedi Council members who survived, who were Obi-Wan and Yoda.

There are twelve Jedi on the Jedi Council.

no he wasn't. but he was a jedi knight. but he wasn't a jedi consular because he was a jedi after the jedi consul was done.

There were only two Jedi to have a purple lightsaber. They were Mace Windu and Adi Gallia. Mace Windu was the only member of the High Jedi council that had a purple lightsaber.

A Jedi Master is a highly skilled, "senior" Jedi Knight. A Jedi Knight is someone who fights with a lightsaber, and a Jedi Master is someone who fights with a lightsaber AND can teach other possible Jedi.

Youngling, Padawan, Jedi Knight, Jedi Master

Jedi Master Yoda was the leading Jedi on the Jedi Council. His homeworld is unknown as is his species.

The lowest rank of jedi is a youngling, they are taught to control the force and use a light saber. After that they become a padawan, then a jedi knight, then a jedi master, then a jedi council member, and lastly a jedi grand master.

The Jedi code forbade Jedi from forming attachments.

The airport code for Copernicus Airport Wrocław is WRO.

If Sith and Jedi had a fair face off, Jedi would win as there are more Jedi than there are Sith.

NO He hates the jedi because the jedi killed Jango Fett.

No it does not. But Jedi Academy does.

A young Jedi is commonly called a Youngling, or sometimes called a Jedi Initiate. Once assigned to a Jedi Knight, they then become Padawans.

the movie was called return of the jedi refering the return of the jedi order starting when luke becomes a jedi that will train more until the jedi order is fully restored

no. she is a jedi master.

The Jedi Temple? Coruscant

Narwhals are obviously the Jedi of the sea

yes there are various woman jedi.

No, Han Solo is not a Jedi

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