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Xbox 360 VGA cable doesn't work on your computer monitor?

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yes with the xbox 360 vga cable

No, a vga cable is not needed for the xbox 360. However if you would like to hook you xbox 360 to a computer monitor then you would want a vga cable.

If it is not an HDTV make sure the switch on the back of the AV Cable is on TV not HDTV.

In order to get High Definition gaming You need an HDMI cable and a HDTV/ HD Computer monitor.

Try a HDMI cable for your monitor and connect the Xbox/PS3( I'm not sure if this works for PS3 ) to the monitor with the HDMI cable.

You need an Xbox, or Xbox 360, and an Internet connection for Xbox Live. No computer required.

What u need is to buy a VGA cable (microsoft) at best buy and hook it up

You don't use a USB CABLE. You use an ethernet cable from the back of your computer and plug it in the back of your XBOX360 to have XBOX LIVE. :)

No. You only need to purchase the Xbox VGA Display cable.

The Ethernet cable should generally not be plugged into your computer, but rather directly into an Ethernet router.

A Ethernet Cable Is A Wire That Can Connect A Computer To Another Computer. If Your Connection Is Wired The Wire Goes From The Back Of Your PC To The Router. For The Xbox Instead Of The Wire Going To The Back Of The PC It Goes To The Xbox

you eat too times and it will work! wat? eat? i just cant figure out how to plug in my speakers to the xbox 360 HDMI audio cable but i already have the video HDMI working. can anyone help me with that?

Yes, in fact Microsoft sells a VGA cable for the Xbox 360, and there are also 3rd party VGA cables available for the xbox. You can connect the vga cable to your xbox and monitor but you also need a 3.5mm sterio jack left and right audio and a 3.5mm double female coupler which one end has the jack the other your speakers if you want sound.

One can purchase an Xbox 360 AV cable from a local hardware and/or computer games store. One can also purchase such a cable from Amazon, eBay and Play.

get a usb cable and plug it into your xbox, plug the other end into your computer, go on your xbox and do your what ever and your done!

You have to have a transfer cable from your xbox hard drive to your PC or laptop. the cable is about $15.00 Us.

Firstly, the question does not end and therefore unable to answer fully. Second, you cannot put your xbox 360 in HD mode with using VGA cables. You need to use the RBG cable or a HDMI cable.

Yes. But it can cost. Gold is 59.99. But you have to have an Ethernet cable, plug it to your 360, to your router, or get a wireless adapter, or get the new Xbox.

Xbox live takes up a small amount of internet usage, but it has no effect with the computer, especially if the modem/router you are using has no Ethernet cable running to your computer.

you need to have a special cable that conects to your computer or you can get one that is wireless

Yes. All you have to do is hook the xbox up to your computer with an Ethernet cable and enable Connection Sharing in you network settings.

you plug the ethernet cable in the back of the xbox and then you hook it up to the computer modem.

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