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The tenth character 'n' indicates the manufacure year of 1996

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Yamaha YZ250 with the following engine number -4XL 000030 can anyone tell you what year model it is?


What year is your Yamaha yz250 dirt bike serial 56A-004005?


how do i find out year model on yamaha timberwolf?

how do i find out year model on yamaha timberwolf

What model is a Yamaha with the vin?

year and model yamaha vin 510203147

How do you tell the age of a Yamaha outboard motor?

Yamaha outboards use the last letter in the model number to determine the year model. This letter is referenced to a model year chart to find the year of manufacture.

What is the year model of your Yamaha grizzly the vin is JY4aM03y17C109701?


What model Yamaha is number 8R0?

what year is yamaha serial nimber 487 000979

Will a 1992 Yamaha YZ-250 Engine fit in a 1993 YZ-250?

what year models can i use parts from to fix my 1992 YZ250

What Year Yamaha Outboard Model 30SD?


What is the year model on your Yamaha 4 wheeler i have serial number AJ20Y-0028772 help?

i have a yamaha big bear 350 ser no. jy44uhw05wao40667 what year model

What year is model YAM3UL0097?

That is the model number for a 1990 Yamaha RT 100A.

What model is this Yamaha motorcycle with vin numb Yamaha xs400 2A2007669?

What year is my yamaha xs400 engine number 4r5

What Yamaha yz250 cylinders are interchangable with a 1990?

1988-1991 yz250 motors are completely interchangeable. Some parts like the cylinder head use the same casting from 1988-1996. Note: although interchangeable the cylinder ports and cylinder head combustion chamber shape differ form year to year. The optimum setup for a 1990 yz250 is a 1991 cylinder with a 1992 head.

What year and model is a Yamaha motorcycle with number on the fram of jya1ty00xga018368?

G is the year model is that would be 1986

How do you determine year model of 90 Hp Yamaha outboard by the serial number?

Yamaha outboards presently uses the last letter in the model number to determine the year model of the engine. Each letter of the alphabet represents a particular model year run.

What year model of yamaha disklavier model dgt2iixg serial number 019790?


What year Yamaha outboard model 40vmhd?

just seen a 2008 model for sale

What year model is your Yamaha bigbear 350 vin?


Can a 13 almost 14 year old that waeighs 112lbs ride a 2003 Yamaha yz250f?

It all depends on the rider. The 2003 Yamaha YZ250 has a seat height of 38.9 inches and weighs 213.8 lbs. If you're tall enough that your feet can touch the ground while sitting on the bike and you're strong enough to hold it up, you are probably physically able to ride one. The best way to find out is to go to the nearest Yamaha dealership and ask to sit on a YZ250. The model year won't matter too much, they'll be pretty similar. Remember that you'll have on a bunch of safety gear when you're riding it, too.

What is the year model of a yz250 with the vin jyacg17c34a000410?

2004 is the year model. The 10th digit of the vin number is the year model.1999 - X2000 - Y2001 - 12002 - 22003 - 32004 - 4And so on. ROCKETMAN

Where to find a model year chart for Yamaha outboard motors?

yamaha FL115 AET X, 68w,S

How can you determine the year model of a Yamaha snowmobile?

I am looking for the same information.

Model year for a Yamaha blaster vin jy43jmw03kcoo9512?


What year model of Yamaha piano serial number 4086310?


What year model is Yamaha V Max with vin lvm000226352306827?


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