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No ... Feline = cats ; Canine (K-9) = dogs

K-6 refers to Kindergarten to 6th grade elementary school.

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Does K-6 refer to a dog?

K9 refers to a dog. K6 refers to a mountain in Pakistan

What is Socket 7?

Socket 7 is a "socket", or connector, for certain Pentium, Pentium MMX, AMD K6, K6-II, and K6-III processors.

Can tuxedo cats be female?

Yes, tuxedo cat doesn't refer to a breed of cat like the Tortoiseshell does, it refers to the color of the cat which can be either male or female

What animal is a k6?

it is a dinasour

What does the word cat refer to?

A cat is an animal, be more specific

How many subgraphs does K6 have?


Is it legal to have a Savannah Cat in Ohio?

Yes. You can also refer to the website in the Related Links below for more information.

how do cat you be?


K9 is dog so what is k6?

K6 is nothing. the abbreviation "K9" is a shortened form of the word "Canine", which is part of the species name of dogs. K?

What is opposite gender of a cat?

In English, the word "cat" can refer to either a male or a female.

Who invented the AMD K6?

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices)

K-6 is what in the technology field?

K6 microprocessor.

Who used to refer to a state's leaving the union?

Nyan cat.

What type of cat is tom cat?

"Tom cat" is a term used for a male cat, usually the dominant male in a group. It is also used to refer to any stray or feral male cat.

Is the United Nations a toothless bulldog?

Yes. I refer you to this article:

What does K-6 refer to?

It depends how it is used.In education, K-6 is pronounced "K through six" and means kindergarten through the sixth grade. It is always spelled with a dash.K6 with no dash can mean Highway 6 in Kansas, or the K6 pipe (geological formation) in Canada. It could be a type of heavy machine gun used in South Korea, an older AMD processor chip for computers, a type of telephone kiosk in the UK, or the Sonata in C (Mozart's 6th work for the keyboard and violin). It can even be a Soviet air to air missile. The (HMS) K6 is a British submarine.The K6, or Baltistan Peak in Pakistan, is a notable peak of the Masherbrum Mountains, a subrange of the Karakoram mountain range.The K6 microprocessor was launched by AMD in 1997. The main advantage of this particular microprocessor is that it was a socket 7 processor designed to fit into existing desktop designs for Pentium branded CPUs.

Is a lion a type of cat?

yes, yes it is a type of cat.

What is ice to a cat burglar?

In novels and films, cat burglars and other shady characters refer to diamonds when they say "ice".

Will a catalyic converter effect gas mileage?

A properly working cat, no. Removing it, no. A failed cat, yes.A properly working cat, no. Removing it, no. A failed cat, yes.

What size bell housing on a cat 3208 engine?

The Cat 3208 is an "SAE #2" size. Refer to your transmissions SAE size.

In Islam can you pray in those clothes which are covered by cat hair?

Yes, Fur is pure from all animals but not sure about dog fur. refer to the hadith for more information

What is the best sport motorcycle on the market?

Gsxr 1000 k5 or k6 is the best

Does Jackson Rathbone have a cat named Dean?

Yes he does have a cat named dean!!!!!!!!!!YES HE IS CAT NAME DEAN

Are tapeworms transmittable cat to cat?


Can your cat have allergies?

Yes, your cat can have allergies.